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Christine Kloser

‘My Time to Write’ Is The Second Family
You Never Knew You Had…

An Exclusive Transformational Author Mastermind
Facilitated by Christine Kloser & Team

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Your Book Deserves To Be Read!

Publishing a book is getting easier by the minute. With platforms like Amazon Kindle, Ingram Spark, and Create Space almost anyone can upload their book and be read by an audience within hours… today.

Over 500 million eBooks are sold per year now. And half of those are being published by indie authors! That means… authors without agents, skipping past the gatekeepers, not worrying about the Big 5 rejecting you!

You’ve probably heard the author success stories. People making five figures a month… having movies made about their book… launching their business to six or seven-figures…  appearing on major media… impacting thousands of lives around the world. It’s what every author dreams of.

BUT — that also means the competition is fierce. New authors flood the market every day. How will YOUR book be found and read by your audience… when they have virtually limitless options? It’s a readers’ market… and it’s hard to stand out in the crowd… or is it?

Your unique message… your most authentic expression put on the page… your book deserves to be read.  And If you’re watching this right now, I know you have wisdom, knowledge and expertise to share with the world.  Not to mention the power of your personal journey.

How Do You Overcome The Noise And Stand Out in the Crowd?

Here’s the unvarnished truth. A lot of what’s being self-published right now is… junk. I hate to say it… but that’s what’s happening in this industry. Books are being outsourced and ghostwritten in hours. Amazon rankings are being gamed by professional marketers… driven by fake reviews and pseudo-bestsellers.

And worst of all — “book coaches and gurus” are promising that… you too, can have a bestselling book in 72 hours… or less.

In a world flooded with cookie-cutter, templated, formulaic books… standing out requires you to do one simple thing: Write a great book that truly serves your readers. Speak your truth. Pour your best self into it. Invest the time, energy and effort your book deserves.

It sounds old-fashioned. It can’t be that simple. But it is.

Authenticity Is The Original Viral-Maker

Think back to the greatest messengers of all time. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Moses. And think of your favorite transformational authors: Brene Brown, Marianne Williamson, Simon Sinek, Eckhart Tolle. What did they all have in common?

They spoke their truth. They put their heart and soul into every word they wrote.  They didn’t “microwave” their books. They took their time…

Because, true authenticity is the original viral-maker. Wisdom spreads from one person to another contagiously when it connects to the heart of your reader.  And that happens because you took the time to connect with and care about them as you wrote.

You too — must write with authentic expression. Your truth. Your message. Then you’ll be the beacon that your readers come looking for, ignoring all others who just crank out poor content.

But the problem is… that can be difficult…

You Deserve Your Own Time To Write

In today’s 24-7 hyper-connected world…

We have a stream of endless information and notifications… we’re juggling schedules… everyone is fighting to get more of our attention these days…

And it isn’t always easy to stay focused on YOUR purpose, YOUR book, YOUR message when there are a million other things flying your way every single day.

So the question for authors becomes how can you find the time to write your book the way you want to…

You can set up a dedicated corner in your house. You could block off your schedule, turn off your phone. You may even hide in a cafe.

But even if you do all that… finding the “SPACE”… the clearing inside yourself… to write authentically and easily can still be a tremendous challenge.

Hi, I’m Christine Kloser.
I have one simple belief and philosophy as the Transformational Author Coach: It’s the human being – the person behind the book – that matters. Nothing works, unless it comes from the inside… out.

I’ve been doing this “inside out” work since 1997 as a transformational event facilitator… and to date… I’ve trained over 80,000 entrepreneurs, leaders and authors to write their books through this one core teaching.

What’s more — I’ve boiled down its essence to three simple steps…

Step One:
Change Up Your Environment Both External…and Internal

First, you need to change up your environment.  Sometimes authors go to their corner in their home, the cafe, library, beach, or a cabin in the woods even(!) — to shut out the world and focus on their book.

But that’s just your “external environment”!  The same goes for your “internal environment” – ya know, that good solid reflective time. Whether you meditate, pray or journal… You need a distraction-free, quiet and safe space… to create a clearing not only outside but inside yourself as well… so they words can flow.

That’s step one.

Step Two:
Find A Feedback Loop

Now, introspective work is great. No doubt about that. But the best writers also know getting feedback from experts and other writers is just as necessary.

See, the problem with getting feedback from your friends and family… Is they’ll likely fall into one of two extremes: They’ll tell you they love your writing because they don’t want to hurt your feelings… Or they’ll be overly critical, but not know what they’re talking about (because they’re not authors themselves!)…

The only way to get real genuine, constructive feedback  is from trusted experts and other writers. You need a trained eye to ask the right questions… push you to produce your best work… and discern what’s actually well done.

The only way to get real genuine, constructive feedback… is from trusted experts and other writers. You need a trained eye to ask the right questions… push you to produce your best work… and discern what’s actually well done.

Some authors join local writers groups. Others find virtual groups online. The important thing is — you can’t work inside a vacuum! You’ll never know if the book you’re working on is any good if you don’t share it with others who know.

And when you combine a shift in “external”environment and “internal” reflection in a safe space (step one)… with a feedback loop from trusted experts and other authors (step two)…

You end up with…

Step Three:
Write With Authentic Expression

This is where the magic happens.  If you can change up your environments … and write with expert guidance and a group of like-minded authors… you build strength in your own voice… Develop your unique writing style… gain clarity on your message, and make steady progress…

You’ll write the book that’s inside you with joy, ease, clarity and focus.

This is where overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt… melt away. You just don’t even think about those things anymore.

In fact – when you get into this relaxed and creative zone of “writer’s flow”… you’re not really thinking, at all. You’re expressing with beautiful abandon. You simply write, and the words come, and you read it the next day… sensing the power of what you’ve poured on to the page…

It’s like you plucked every word from the Universe, and it was destined to be exactly where it ended up in your manuscript.  I’m telling you… there’s a sublime energy to all this when it clicks.

Here’s the Challenge Though…
Getting to That “State of Flow” is Tough!

Step one of creating a safe space is a continuous process. It’s like exercise, eating well or building a new habit. And it’s extra tough if you’ve never done it before… or you have a lot of “life” to deal with.

Step two of finding trusted experts and a supportive group of like-minded authors? That’s tough too. It’s like you’re getting back to the dating scene after a long-term relationship ended abruptly.

Everyone is engrossed in their own agenda, might dismiss your brilliance, or just not “get” why this is so important to you.  You may have to “kiss a lot of frogs” before finding people who truly, deeply believe in you and support you with what you’re doing.

And that’s why…

Magic Happens…
When You Write With Coaches and Peers
In a Distraction-Free Zone

For the past few years, I’ve run an exclusive transformational author mastermind called “My Time to Write”.

It’s where I and my team support a dedicated group of authors who enjoy an entire year in a distraction-free and safe space to get coached… and to connect, brainstorm, write and edit their books.   

It’s an amazing community where everyone treats each other with respect, and care.   As a small private group…

  • We get together five times a year in person to write.
  • We connect on this special wavelength that only other authors can understand.
  • We overcome challenges together.
  • We test out book’s message over a shared meal.
  • We build lasting friendships.

And it’s amazing what happens at these retreats…

  • Thousands upon thousands of words get written.
  • Workshops, courses and programs are brainstormed, designed and developed…
  • Manuscripts get written, books get published.

What’s more —

Once a year, we have a writing retreat in an exotic location like Costa Rica, Tulum, Mexico… and in 2019, we’re going to Bob Marley’s beach house in the Bahamas.

I tell you, these retreats are something special. In Costa Rica, we wrote for days on the beach listening to the sound of the waves.

I’ve even worked with a client on their Transformation Quadrant while she was chillin’ out in the hammock on my patio.

I also took a group of My Time to Write members at one of our Pennsylvania retreats… to my favorite SPA at the Hotel Hershey… to share MY sacred writing space with them.

Who Is My Time to Write For?

Because it’s such a close knit and special group of writers… I’m like Mama Bear protecting my cubs here.

And because of that, we don’t just let anyone into this group. Who are we looking for then?

  1. You are 100% Fully Committed – This means several things. It means you’re ready to finally write your book in the next year or less. It doesn’t matter if you just have an inkling of an idea, you’ve outlined it already… or you have a first draft done. But you’re ready to actually get to work. This is a 12-month program. This isn’t a sprint… it’s a journey.
  2.  You’re a Giver, not a Taker – We’re looking for people with a generous spirit, who are willing to give their fellow authors and writers the support, feedback and care they need. We encourage constructive feedback… but we simply cannot afford whiners, complainers and negative people. Will you be bring your best self?
  3. You Ready to Take a Leap of FaithYou’re ready to take a risk, jump into new territory, get out of your comfort zone. This is the only way you’re going to grow as a writer, author and person and write your amazing, authentic and impactful book.  My coaching is unconventional. I don’t just scratch the surface or do quick-fixes.  

I ask the tough questions and dig deeper – so when you graduate from My Time to Write not only will your book be written, but you’ll have grown deep, solid roots that are the foundation of everything you do with your book for years to come.

Is this you?

Then take a look at what you get when you become a member…

What Are The Annual Membership Benefits?

Members of my transformational author mastermind, My Time to Write, receive the following annual benefits…

  • Four in-person writing retreats in York, Pennsylvania
  • A six-night all inclusive writing retreat in the Bahamas
  • Twice-Monthly (26) Virtual Writing Retreats
  • Lifetime Access to my award-winning “Get Your Book Done” program
  • Twice-Monthly (26) Group Coaching Call
  • Weekly Accountability Email Check-In
  • Three (3) Hours of private coaching with my team
  • One 30-minute private kick-off call with me to get started
  • Two tickets to my annual 3-day Breakthrough event

When you look at everything I include inside the year-long My Time to Write private program… It’s a lot. I did some math on it. It’s 375 hours of personalized coaching. When you add it all up together, it’s more than $60,000 of coaching, support and services. That even surprised me when I sat down to do the math.

Which is why I put it into one cost-effective package for you at a small fraction of that price. Currently, our annual membership to this writing mastermind is $15,000.  My peers have told me I’m undercharging – especially since that includes the exotic destination retreat – and are encouraging me to raise the fee, so that could happen at any time. .

Personally, I know you’re serious about becoming an author and leader in your space.   And I want to help you make that a reality!

Will You Apply to Join Our Writing Community!

So — are you the right fit for the “My Time to Write” year-long mastermind program?

Let’s find out. We should talk on the phone… And take some time together, in private, to talk about you, the book you’re writing, what your goals are as an author. See if we gel first before jumping in, kind of like a first date.  

Basically, let’s get on the phone for a private consultation. On this call, I’ll answer any questions you have about My Time to Write, or your book in general.   … and I do mean anything. We can brainstorm, strategize, refine your ideas, or you can ask me about marketing, publishing and building a book-based business.

On this call, you’ll get a sense of who I am and the kind of value I would bring to the table. On my side, I’ll get a feel for whether you’re good fit for My Time to Write.

Please note – you must apply to receive this consultation and be considered for membership.

Due to the intimate size of the My Time to Write mastermind… and how powerful the group is, we just can’t grow it too fast. It’d be a shock to the “author ecosystem” we’ve created so far.  It’s my job to ensure this group’s culture continues to inspire, energize and brings maximum value to each and every one of our members.

To see if you’re a good fit for My Time to Write… click on the button below to request an application:

APPLY NOW! ($97 application fee)

You’ll see there’s a $97 application fee.  This is a non-refundable fee to cover our consultation call. You will get actionable, useful coaching on this call and it is not a simple Q&A sales call.

Now, as soon as you take care of that, you’ll be immediately directed to the application.   

I can’t wait to learn more about you, your book and your vision for your future as an author.   

Here’s to you and your book getting done so you can reap the many benefits of becoming a published author.     

Who Is Christine Kloser

Christine Kloser’s philosophy as “The Transformational Author Coach” can be crystallized into one simple teaching: It’s the human being – the person behind the book – that matters. Nothing works unless it comes from the inside… out. She began doing this “inside out” work in 1997 as a transformational event facilitator, and to date has trained more than 80,000 entrepreneurs, leaders and authors to write their books through this one core teaching.

She coined the term “transformational author” and debuted it at her first Transformational Author Experience in 2011. The concept came about when she experienced a major setback in her business when she was straddling two different industries and found herself lost in the chasm between them. Grateful to have found an authentic and aligned way to blend the best of these two worlds and serve her community bigger and better than ever, her first class of TAE students numbered over 10,000, and she hasn’t looked back.

Many of her clients have gone on to become bestselling authors, sign traditional publishing contracts, speak around the world and appear in major media including CNBC, CBS, Time, Business Week, CNN, ABC, The New York Times, Fox & Friends, and TEDx.

In addition to coaching, Christine has written and co-authored twenty books and has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, FOX News,, Huffington Post and, and is a regular columnist for the award-winning PUBLISHED Magazine.

To this day Transformational Authors have launched book-based businesses using her popular programs Get Your Book Done®, the Transformational Author Experience®, Breakthrough LIVE, and the My Time to Write® mastermind program.

After 14 years living in Los Angeles, Christine currently resides in York, Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter and two fabulous cats where she enjoys cooking, gardening, swing dancing, yoga, hanging out with her family and going to the Chocolate Spa at the Hotel Hershey!