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A Special Message From the desk of Christine Kloser USA Today and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author Transformational Author Coach and Award-Winning Publisher.


I want you to help make this THE year to finally get your book out of your head, onto the page, and in your reader’s hands.

You see, as authors, we all have the best intentions. Intentions like: “I’ll write all day on Thursday.” “I’ll write when I have more clarity and confidence.” 

But, as the weeks and months go by, it’s all too easy for that instantion to start fading. To start dying down. And if we’re not careful, we slip right back to our old ways. And that important voice—the voice of your truth and desires for yourself as an author… stays stuck in your head for another year…

So, Let Me Ask You An Honest Question…

If you looked back on the last 12 months, would you be happy with the progress you made with your book, and book-based business? Did you accomplish everything you set out to do?

Or do you feel like the past year, or maybe the last decade, could have been better for you, your book, and your business?

I get it. It’s hard to reflect on the past and see how much time has gone by. How many days, weeks, or months that passed where you didn’t write a word to push your book forward. That’s time that you can’t get back.

But you know what: TODAY is a fresh start. Right now! And I say that whole-heartedly, because I know first-hand about fresh starts.

About a decade ago, I was struggling to find my purpose, my voice, and the best way to get that voice out into the world. I was so lost, and seeking somewhat desperately, that I ended up writing the wrong book, and starting the wrong book-based business! I wasted years that I won’t get back. I experienced a ton of stress that impacted my health and personal relationships. And to put a cherry on it, the lack of clarity I had led me into complete financial ruin.

At the time, I didn’t think I could start over. I thought it was impossible.

But as you can see now, I’ve proven that a fresh start IS possible. You see, when I was at my lowest, I forced myself to break down, at an intensely detailed level, what it takes to write and publish a transformational book. A book that gets to the heart of your readers. All while staying CONNECTED with your OWN truth and message.

Not only that, I figured out exactly what it takes to build a sustainable, stress-free business based around that book, so you can impact more people, and yes, your INCOME too.

I got a fresh start. And I truly believe with every ounce of my being, it can happen for anyone. In fact, it did for my client Sue, who wrote her entire manuscript in only 33 days once she got clarity around her message.

Or Beth, who had worked with a few another book coach that didn’t really help her. Who finally got what she needed from me to write her book faster than she thought possible. Beth is now sharing her message on stages around the world and watching her business grow more easily than ever before.

And there’s plenty more where that came from. In fact right now, I’m working with Jenn, who for years couldn’t get out of her own head to get her message on paper. She struggled with self-doubt, confusion, and feeling like everything she wrote was terrible. The result was that her transformational message stayed bottled up…

Yet, after her first coaching session with me, she immediately turned around and wrote over 13,000 words. In just three days! She’s now well on her way to getting her first book done and published… and I love being by her side to help her do that!

She’s living proof that anyone can have a fresh start, regardless of time, age or ability. And you can have a fresh start for your book, too.

So, the magic question is… will you get your book done this year?

I sincerely hope you do.

And if you want to make faster progress by receiving personalized attention, private coaching, accountability and structure to get your manuscript finished…

I want to invite you to my six-month author intensive called…


This six-month program is a transformational coaching, writing and accountability experience focused on producing results for you, your book, your business and your life.

The purpose is to get your manuscript written and ready to publish in the next six months. As we do that together, you’ll also experience life-changing personal transformation, and clarity around exactly how your book can lead to more impact and income in your business.

And, it’s the program that Sue, Beth and Jenn, and many other successful authors have gone through to reach their goals.

I’d like to give you a snapshot of what it IS… and what it’s not… so you can see if it might be a fit for you.


What the Accelerator Is

It could be right for you if you want to:

  • Make a bigger difference with your message…
  • Get your manuscript done…
  • Step fully into your value as an author…
  • Grow or create your book-based business (even before your book is published)…
  • And, achieve “successful author” status in the marketplace…

All of course, according to YOUR personal definition of success or income goals.


What the Accelerator Is Not

  • It’s NOT a typical mastermind where you get together to only talk about your book… this is where you actually WRITE IT!
  • It’s also not a big, formulaic, anonymous coaching program where it’s easy to slip through the cracks (right now, it’s limited to only 20 members)…
  • It’s also not a place where you get stuffed into a cookie-cutter process that doesn’t account for your specific needs…
  • Nor is it a place to be bombarded with more information that leads to more procrastination…  


The Accelerator is about transformation, inspiration, education and clear, individualized direction that’ll propel you and your book forward… FAST.  

If you want clarity and speed for your book, then consider this your invitation to have me and my team by your side… to transform your book idea into reality in the next six months.  

Together, we’ll not only show you what to do step-by-step to finish your manuscript, but we’ll also be there to make sure you bring forth your authentic message… so you can sit down, get focused and write with ease and speed like you’ve never experienced before. We’ll even work together to create your personalized, six-month writing timeline and then hold you accountable to it.  

You see, being a member of my Accelerator program is about you experiencing the life, impact, and income you desire… that’ll benefit you, your readers, your business and the world for years to come.


  • You realize the true value of your message and have the clarity and courage to share it far and wide…
  • You stop working on your book and start selling your book
  • You answer the question “How’s your book coming along?” with… “It’s done, here it is!”
  • You get speaking engagements and visibility opportunities because you’re an author
  • You get fan mail from people you’ve never met, thanking you for how your book changed their lives
  • You welcome more of your ideal clients into your business, who see you as an expert, and who are primed to invest in working with you further
  • And perhaps best of all… when you lay to rest any self-doubt, confusion, or lack of time that’s currently keeping you from writing your book, making a bigger difference and growing your book-based business.

So, if you’re ready to bring your author dreams to fruition… to have your message clarified, written, seen, heard and monetized… while transforming and up-leveling your life and business… Then I highly encourage you to apply now because I only have room for 20 people, and at the time of this video, more than half of those spots are already filled.


“Fierce and Compassionate”

Christine’s fierce and compassionate leadership has made it possible for me to be the woman I always hoped I could be. Her intuition is razor sharp, and her ability to notice the subtle things in what I say – and even what I don’t say – has led to more breakthroughs than I can count. As a result, my book is now with a publisher and I’m pinching myself that I finally did it. It had been on the back burner for more years than I’d like to admit. Christine is truly a blessing to work with. I encourage you to work with her too!

Veronica R. Lynch, PhD, LCSW
Author, Undocumeted

“Sailed Through Finishing My Book”

“I was on the verge of throwing away my manuscript until I met you, Christine. Literally! I was discouraged and thought I’d never figure out how to write a truly great book. After following your system, I not only sailed through finishing that book, but I now have two books published with Hay House and I’m impacting lives around the world.”

Gerry Gavin
Messages from Margaret & If You Could Talk to an Angel

“I Wrote My Book, Left My Job and Started a Mission-Driven Business”

“My life is completely different since working with Christine and going through her transformational author process. When we met, I was a government attorney who secretly talked to angels, and didn’t have the courage to leave my draining job to pursue my passion. Well, thanks to Christine, and Get Your Book Donet, I did it!  I wrote my book, left my job and now work full-time in, and on, my mission-driven business!”

Lilia Shoshanna Rae
Author, The Art of Listening to Angels

HOW DOES THE Accelerator WORK?

I’ve designed the Accelerator to be a tight-knit, supportive coaching community for authors who want to make a bigger impact with their message, and be seen and valued as a respected leader in their field. Those who know they are here for something greater. Who believe in their heart and soul that writing a book that transforms lives (beginning with their own) is the best way to do that.

Here’s how we make that happen…

Crystal Clear Plan to Write Your Manuscript

We’ll help you eliminate confusion, get focused, write thousands of words easily, and make steady, consistent progress with your book… so it’s written in six months or less.  

We’ll also work together to create your customized writing timeline with weekly accountability, so you always know exactly what to do, and have the support to do it.  

A Distraction-Free Writing Zone

The only way to finish writing your manuscript is to commit to focused, dedicated, productive writing time… which eludes most authors who don’t have a support structure. GYBD Accelerator gives this to you by providing 90 hours of distraction-free writing time with me by your side every single hour.

The average book takes 50-60 hours to write, which means, in the Accelerator, you’ll have NO problem getting your book done.  

Consistent Support and Coaching Every Step of the Way

Writing a book, especially one that’s going to help you grow your impact and income as an author, inspires lots of questions. Questions that could stop you in your tracks.

But not for you! Because, in the Accelerator, you’re wrapped in coaching support via private and group coaching calls with me, in-person and virtual writing retreats, your customized writing timeline, and accountability with my coaching team every single week.

Every one of your questions will get answered, so you make consistent and quick progress writing your life-changing book.


Only 7 Spots Available

Private “Author Strategy” Kick-Off Call with Me This is where you and I sit down to begin mapping out your future author-entrepreneur journey…

Creation of Your Personalized 6-Month Writing Timeline This is designed around YOUR book and personal goals, so you know exactly what to do next and by when…

Lifetime Access to the Get Your Book Done Online Program with 6 Months of Group Coaching Calls This is where authors have finished their books in 90 days or less… even if they had no topic, no confidence and no time (at first). 

Twelve Virtual Writing Retreats Every month, you have access to my exclusive, three-hour Virtual Writing Retreats from the comfort of your own home, where you’ll have focused, guided writing time with me right by your side…

Two In-Person Writing Retreats (or virtual due to COVID restrictions) We’re going to work together in person on your book at two writing retreats. During both retreats you’ll get a private in person coaching session with me to get focused help on exactly what you need at that time…

Three 30-Minute Coaching Sessions With Me These will be 3 private Zoom calls with me to keep your momentum going for the months we’re not in-person at the writing retreats…

Bonus #1 – Guaranteed appearance on my Get Your Book Done Podcast When your book is done, you’ll be featured as a guest on my podcast to talk about your book and the process of writing it…  

Bonus #2 – $2,000 Credit toward the GYBD Destination Writing Retreat (Annually in May ) Yup! You’ll receive a full $2,000 credit when you register to join me at my annual destiation wrtiing reterat. Six nights, all meals and airport transfer included. Past locatsions have included Costa Rica, Tulum and Bob Marley’s private home on the beach in the Bahamas. (Regular retreat fee $5,000. You pay only $3,000…)  

Bonus #3 – $1,500 Credit Toward Our Capucia Publishing Package With this bonus, you’ll save $1,500 should you choose to work with us to publish your book. Must commence publishing within 12 months of joining the Accelerator.

Total Value With Bonuses: $27,394

Your Investment to Join the Accelerator

6 payments of $1,833

Or pay in full (and save $1,500): $9,500


$500 Application Fee*
*Upon acceptance (after a two-step interview process) the fee will be applied toward the first payment. If not accepted, the $500 will be refunded or credited to a program that’s a better for for you.


“Publishing Deal and TEDx”

“Getting coached by Christine and using her proven process to write my book helped me secure a great publishing deal, get lots of media exposure including TEDx, and enjoy a booked-solid practice. I’m fulfilling my mission and helping mothers around the world improve their relationships with their teenage daughters. I even saw my book recently published in Chinese! I know none of this would have happened had it not been for working with Christine.”

Colleen O’Grady 
Author, Dial Down the Drama

“Christine is the Best in the Field”

“I don’t know how Christine does it, but in less than an hour with her, , she helped me make sense of all the book ideas that had been rolling around in my head for years. I am so grateful I found her and signed up for Get Your Book Done .  As a Superior Court Judge, of course I did my due diligence when it came to choosing the right coach and program. And, I have no doubt Christine is the best in the field.  Not only is she a wise and knowledgeable coach, but I know she has my back. Better yet she believes in my book as much as I do and is by my side to help me get it done. I highly recommend you sign up too.”

Hon. Shelyna Brown
Forthcoming author, Preside Over Your Life

“Filled with Heart… and Structure”

“If you’re looking for a coach (and program) that is authentic, genuine and filled with heart and structure – Christine’s program is for you! I tried two other coaches first. They both provided excellent self-awareness but did not provide me with the tools to support my dream of writing my book about preventing burnout, and resiliency. After working with Christine and her awesome team I’m a proud published author and now speaking internationally at industry conferences.” 

Beth Bennatti Kennedy
Author, Career ReCharge

You know, recently I’ve heard too many heart-breaking, horrible stories from aspiring authors who invested anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 dollars elsewhere to get help with their book, only to end up with… NOTHING.  

I don’t want that for my authors. I want to provide honest, true, value… based on real-world experience that gets results for authors of all kinds…  

I’ve spent three years, and more than $40,000 of my own money perfecting this six-month program. I wanted to make this program the best it can be, and one that will transform the lives of aspiring authors everywhere. The result is indeed that… the GYBD Accelerator is a high-touch… high-impact… and high value program that’s changing lives for authors around the world.

I did my best to give you everything you need to get your book done and experience the success you desire as a published author. The journey begins with your deposit being made below. And, it’s risk-free… if the Accelerator turns out not to be the right fit, we’ll refund the $500 right away or credit it towards a better suited program at your request… no questions asked.  

So, if you’re still with me, it means something about the Accelerator is resonating with you. It’s important to trust that feeling… 

And since you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, I highly encourage you to place your application deposit now to get started with the next step for your book.  

After you submit your deposit, you’ll be immediately directed to the confidential Accelerator application form to provide some details about you and your book. After submitting your application, you’ll then schedule a call with Carrie on my author support team so she can answer any logistical questions you have about the program. Then, you and I will jump on a call so we can get to know each other and make sure this is the right fit for both of us!  

With such limited spots available, and considering the time and energy I put into coaching and supporting every single member in the program, making sure it’s a good fit is super important.  

So, if you want my personal help to get your book out of your head and written THIS YEAR… click below to place your fully-refundable deposit now.  

I look forward to talking with you soon and working with you over the next six months to Get Your Book Done! See you on the other side…

Love & Blessings,


Your Investment to Join the Accelerator

6 payments of $1,833

Or pay in full (and save $1,500): $9,500



Private “Author Strategy” Kick-Off Call with Christine


Creation of Your Personalized 6-Month Writing Timeline


Lifetime Access to the Get Your Book Done Online Program with 6 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Christine and Penny


Twelve 3-Hour Virtual Writing Retreats with Christine – Massive Action Sessions


Two 3-Day In-Person Writing Retreats with Christine and Carrie


Weekly Accountability Timeline Tracking with Jean


Three 30-Minute Coaching Sessions With Christine

$500 Application Fee*
*Upon acceptance (after a two-step interview process) the fee will be applied toward the first payment. If not accepted, the $500 will be refunded or credited to a program that’s a better for for you.


“Sold 50,000 Copies and Nearly 10X My Revenue”

Before I found Christine and joined Get Your Book Done, I had considered writing a book, but felt overwhelmed by the process. This program helped me not only get my book written and published quickly, but it also empowered me to step up in a big way in my business.  Being a published author  catapulted my career and reputation to the next level. I sold 50,000 copies, my annual income went from $92,000 to $820,000, my email list grew by 20,000+, and I became a respected leader in my industry. Get Your Book Done has allowed me to make an impact on people around the globe, but best of all it’s completely transformed who I see myself to be in the world. Thank you, Christine!”

Dallas Travers
Author, The Tao of Show Business

“I Found Time to Write, Became an Amazon Best-Seller and Grew My Business”

“When I decided to write a book to help spread my message and grow my business, I was already working 60+ hours a week to run my online school. I doubted I’d ever find the time to write my book! Christine’s process of transformational authorship was my saving grace. I found the time, wrote my book, became an Amazon bestseller, and am watching my business grow as a direct result of my book being out in the world.”

Beth Ellen Nash
Founder, Wings to Soar Academy Author, Dyslexia Outside-the-Box

“Jump Started My Book Writing Process”

“Christine’s Get Your Book Done program jump-started my book writing process at a time when I felt lost, stuck, and isolated. I could feel her heartfelt encouragement every step of the way. She’s like a best friend/mentor/soul sister nudging you forward, coaxing your message out of your heart and onto the page. I am so grateful for her service to transformational authors everywhere. I highly recommend her if you need support in birthing your book – and let’s face it – who doesn’t?”

Sandra Joseph
Record-Breaking Broadway Star
Best-Selling Author, Unmasking What Matters

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