How to Create a Distraction- Free Writing Zone…and Get the Clarity You Need, Put an End to Overwhelm and Make Solid Progress on Your Book

What if you could shut out the world for a few days and immerse yourself in a book-writing sanctuary?

Yes, a sanctuary…  

A “creative womb” of sorts. One where the distractions of everyday life are distant memories, and you and your writing are the highest priorities on your daily agenda.  

Imagine having the time and focus to write thousands of words a day, gaining the clarity that’s previously escaped you, the structure to make writing your book simple, the confidence to overcome any doubt, and the know-how to see your author dreams realized.  

And what if you entered this distraction-free writing sanctuary supported by a team of expert coaches to guide you along the way, as well as a group of like-minded aspiring authors who understand you, appreciate what you’re doing, and believe in your success.  

Just imagine how it will feel to see your words pour onto the page with speed, ease and grace as you sit in this sanctuary and write.  

Amazing, isn’t it?

Overcome the Most Common Author Pitfalls

If you’ve tried writing your book before and fell into any of the typical author pitfalls – like lack of time, doubt, confusion, unworthiness, overwhelm, etc. – you need not worry. There’s a place where those pitfalls can be overcome for good. 

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had your book stuck inside for years, or decades. Nor does it matter if you've started and stopped a gazillion times. It doesn’t matter if this is your first book or your fifteenth book.  

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve heard those critical voices (yours or others) say things like…  

“Who do you think you are?” “You’re not a writer.” “Who is going to read it anyway?” “Don’t you have better things to do with your time?”  

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from coaching transformational authors since 2004, and training nearly 70,000 of them over the years… there is no “writer’s block” that can’t be overcome. I’ve heard every possible reason imaginable not to write. And time and time again I’ve coached authors from all walks of life to get past whatever has held them back, and finally write their book. (Coaches, medical doctors, consultants, healers, lawyers, corporate trainers, actors, psychologists, retirees, dog trainers and financial planners, to name a few.)  

Some of my most successful clients were on the verge of giving up on their dream before they met me. Others were like “eager beavers,” writing their first book, yet in a tailspin about how to get everything from their head (and heart) onto the page. Others wanted to write books to further the mission of their business, while others wrote books that only their closest family and friend would ever read.  

So whether you’re writing a book to grow your business, leave a legacy, share your story, build your brand or make a difference in the world… it CAN be done. I’ve seen it done countless times. And it happens most easily when you enter a distraction-free "writing-zone.”

Sue Ziang

Author, Young Mind Young Body

"Allowing myself uninterrupted time away from everyday distractions was a tremendous benefit to me. Not only did I write thousands of words, but the overall clarity and focus I experienced from Christine’s coaching gave me a big boost, and inspiration to keep going until my manuscript was done!"

Lisa Dolce

Small Business Coach

"I had wanted to write a book for years, but life always got in the way. I’m a business owner, wife and mother with lots going on every day. Being part of Christine’s community, and attending her retreats, has helped me make the progress I had struggled to make. Now, it’s easy to focus and write thousands of words at a time. And for the first time ever I’m 100% confident my book will get done... and soon!"

Karen Bode

Author, Clean Heart

"Having distraction-free time to write, with Christine and her author coaching team on hand to support me, gave me the clarity and confirmation that I was on the right track. My writing flowed with ease until the very last word. I got unstuck, and now I’m a published author."

Find Time to Write

The biggest challenge authors face is finding time to write. This challenge is true for nearly every author I’ve ever met.  

Life gets in the way. Work gets in the way. Kids get in the way. Parents get in the way. Phones and email get in the way. Grocery shopping gets in the way. Social activities get in the way. And sometimes cleaning the house gets in the way, too!  

I get it. At any given moment there are countless distractions that can easily consume your time and energy, leaving you wiped out at the end of the day and frustrated that you didn’t write a word.  

After all, this book idea you have hasn’t gone away.  

It’s still pressing on you to be written, yet time to write feels like an illusion, and something you’ll never actually get.

Get Your Content Organized

Another challenge authors face is overwhelm/confusion. They know they want to write a book. They have journals, documents, notebooks and voice memos with a plethora of ideas they want to include in their manuscript. But it’s not organized or structured in a way that makes sense. Ideas are everywhere, but nothing is synthesized into a method that leads to peace, ease and grace in the writing process. Many authors feel like the ideas are swirling everywhere and don’t ever land on the page in any form that would make sense to their readers.  

It’s incredibly frustrating when you know what you want to write in your book but it doesn’t make sense when you see it on the page.  

There are other common challenges like “lone ranger syndrome,” which is when authors think they “should” be able to figure it out on their own. Or they are surrounded by naysayers who tear them down rather than build them up. Writing a book isn’t for the faint of heart, so a few naysayers in your life can really make it difficult to believe in what you’re doing.

Your Book Needs Time and Space to Evolve

One of the ways other “experts” to help you is to sell you a weekend retreat that promises you can write your book in 48 hours. While I’m a huge believer in setting aside time to write, the big problem with these “in a weekend” programs is that writing any book worth writing – or reading – should never be crammed into a few days. Books have life. They need time and space to evolve and expand – as you do – in the process of writing.  

I’ll never forget one day when I was at a conference in San Diego, and the gal next to me had been to one of those weekends, wrote a book, and paid about $10,000 to publish it. When she found out I coached authors she showed me her book. After we spoke about it for a few minutes, she broke down in tears.  

She spent all that money and ended up with a “slam-bam” book that wasn’t aligned with the message she really wanted to share.  

She felt horrible, as if she were robbed by people who didn’t care about her or her message. They just wanted her to crank out a book… ANY book would do in their opinion. But it certainly didn’t “do” for her!  

It’s stories like these that make my heart sink at the thought that you should believe you can write an excellent book that will truly serve YOU and your READERS in only 48 hours. Think about it. How would you feel if the author of a book you were reading cared only about breaking a speed record for writing? You’d wonder why they didn’t care enough about you and themselves to give it more time to make it great. Or like the gal I met in San Diego, maybe they didn’t even write the book they truly wanted to write. It’s quite sad, isn’t it?  

I could go on about some of the things I see out there, but as I’m writing this I can feel myself getting riled up about the junk people sell to aspiring authors. Too many of them really don’t care about you as much as they care about lining their pockets.  

The reason I can even make a statement like that is that I’ve been facilitating transformational retreats since 1997, and working with authors since 2004. I am not some new kid on the block who has spotted a trend and is going to ride it for all it’s worth.

Birth Your Book into the World

I have been loving, guiding, protecting, advocating, supporting and coaching authors with every cell of my being for 13 years. When their books are birthed into the world, it feels like a part of me had a “grandchild.” My clients refer to me as their midwife, their confidante, their advocate, their guide, their muse, their healer, and the ONE who finally helped them understand and embrace the power of their message… and share it!  

With clients in more than 135 countries, my approach, technique and methods are well recognized as some of the most leading-edge and deeply impactful work being done on behalf of authors. Mark Allen, who is Eckhart Tolle’s publisher of The Power of Now, has been an advocate of mine for years, wishing more of his authors worked with me first… because they’d have better books and a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed with their title when they walk through his publishing company doors.  

New York Times bestselling author Lisa Nichols and her team watched me from the sidelines for a few years, and after hearing many rave reviews invited me to speak on her stage and coach her community on writing transformational books. More than 80 top authors and industry experts have endorsed and participated in my author training programs.  

My reputation as someone who does good work with a good heart for good people is rock solid.  

Solid work, strong ethics, great results and a caring heart are what have led me to where I am, with the respect of dozens of top industry experts and the trusting hands of countless authors who were grateful to find someone who could provide REAL help – who really cares and creates real RESULTS!

Everything You Need to Write Your Book

What I know after all these years of coaching authors is that everything you need to write your book is already within you.  

Every chapter. Every paragraph. Every word.  

There is a level on which it is already done. In fact, it was done the moment you received the inspiration or idea for your book.  

I can hear the “yeah but" coming already. "What do you mean, Christine? If that were true, it would already be written, wouldn’t it?" Here’s the thing…  

Everything you need is there, yes. However, it’s likely that the purity and clarity of your message is concealed by doubt, confusion, fear, overwhelm, frustration, procrastination, etc. These are common things that happen on a book-writing journey.  

Yet too often innocent authors begin to believe these roadlocks that conceal their message. Instead of diving deeper, they submit to confusion as a real and insurmountable issue. Rather than surrendering to the process, they give up under the mountain of overwhelm. Instead of remembering who they really are, they believe the voices of doubt. Instead of continuing to keep trying, they give up on their dream. 

This is why whenever I work with clients, it’s not about cranking out a book just to get it done. That, in my opinion, is a disservice to the author and the valuable message they want to share with their future readers… and clients! It truly is about making a difference, like Dr. Nikki did with her book…

A Unique Approach

My unique approach to coaching and serving transformational authors is based on 20 years of experience mastering the art of Intuitive FacilitationTM – which is the art of knowing exactly the right question to ask and precisely when to ask it, exactly when to be silent, exactly when to “push” someone and when to lighten up. For 20 years I’ve been honing this gift and using it to create life-lasting transformations, books and results for my clients.

Combine this rare ability to facilitate transformation, with my nuts-and-bolts know-how about every aspect imaginable of writing a book, and you’ll discover a unique approach that works again and again.  

Better yet, it’s an approach that lets you and your book breathe. Books are like fine wines that get better over time. You can’t apply the “fast food” approach to writing. You can't rush the evolution of your message, especially if you want to build a brand and business around the message of your book!  

The more you try rushing it, the more struggle you face; whereas my philosophy is that when you are given the time and space to ALLOW your book to EMERGE through you, it WILL… and typically with a speed and clarity that can’t be matched by forcing it.  

The promise I make to my clients is that if they do what they are taught to do, show up and ask for the help they need… they will get their book WRITTEN and have an EXPERIENCE that’s enjoyable, engaging, exciting, massively productive and transformational all at the same time.  

You can’t remain stuck when you work with me. If there’s any block you face, chances are it’s something I have already helped hundreds of authors break through, and that I know how to help you through it too!  

The result will be the amazing sense of accomplishment when your first box of books shows up at your door and you can hold, touch, see and smell it, finally! And beyond that, the other result is the thrill and sense of satisfaction you’ll experience when you begin hearing stories of how your book impacted your readers’ lives. It’s so exciting!

The Difference between Hopeful Authors and Published Authors

One of the most important things I teach – that makes the biggest DIFFERENCE between hopeful authors and PUBLISHED authors – is the need to create distraction – free writing time.  

What I mean by this is that it’s essential to designate blocks of time when you can shut out the world and put all your time, focus and energy into writing.  

I know this sounds easy, but trust me, it isn’t. Finding time to write is one of the biggest issues authors face. There are so many other things that can get in the way of your writing... phones, family, work, parents, caretaking, walking the dogs... you name it!

Here’s What to Do about This Dilemma

Set aside blocks of time in your calendar to write. During those times, turn off your phone, shut down your email and let everyone know you’re not available! Then use that time to work on your book.  

That said, it’s important to understand that there are different types of writers. Some aspiring authors prefer to write in short blocks of time daily. Others work best by setting aside two- or three-hour time slots to write. Some don't write for weeks but then crank out thousands of words by blocking days at a time to do nothing but write. (I’ve had clients join me for a few days on retreat who couldn’t believe how much they wrote by just sitting down and doing it… distraction-free.)  

I share this because to succeed in starting – and finishing – your manuscript, you need to find what works for you. If you’re a two- or three-hour chunk writer (like me), it wouldn’t serve you to try to write for 30 minutes on a daily basis. And vice versa. 

So find YOUR style, commit to distraction-free writing time on a regular basis, and stick to it!  

Yes, you’ll be tempted to check email, see who just texted and make that call to the person you forgot to call earlier. But here’s the deal: You can’t. At least not if you’re serious about writing your book.  

This practice of creating distraction-free writing time is non-negotiable in achieving your author dreams. 

Since finding time to write is such a challenge for aspiring authors, I’m very excited to invite you to the powerful distraction-free writing zone I’ve created for YOU!



March 12th to 14th, 2018

This writing retreat is where you will be coached, supported and guided by me and my author support team to shut out the world, focus on your message and do what you want to do… WRITE!  

Imagine how productive you’ll be when you have three full days to focus on your book while being supported by knowledgeable coaches and inspired by an amazing community of like-minded people who are committed to the same thing you are... to sharing their message as a published author!  

Attending this retreat brings results that will last far beyond our time together. It will help you break through whatever has held you back and empower you to make steady, consistent progress with your book until it’s DONE!

Here’s a Taste of What Previous Retreat Attendees Experienced

  • Wrote thousands of words more easily than ever before 
  • Gained crystal clarity on their book content and structure 
  • Released the blocks that held them back for years (or decades!) 
  • Discovered unstoppable confidence in their message 
  • Felt 100% seen, heard and supported in their writing process 
  • And much more!

All of this happens at the beautiful Heritage Hills Resort in my hometown of York, Pennsylvania… where I, my team, and a distraction-free writing sanctuary await you and your book.  

The retreat begins Monday, March 12th, and ends Wednesday, March 14th. You’ll want to arrive on Sunday, March 11th, and depart on Thursday, March 15th.

Support, Clarity and Guidance

Wherever you are in your writing journey is perfect for the retreat. Whether you’re just starting out or editing your final draft, you will get the specific support, clarity and guidance you need to write... right where you are.

The writing retreat is designed to be flexible, spacious, easygoing and highly productive. You can write as much as you want to, and yet are welcome to take breaks as your mind, heart and spirit need.

If you ever feel stuck, or want a reflective ear, you can sign up to receive complimentary on-the-spot laser coaching to help you get exactly what you need to write with ease.

Plus, our discounted hotel rate and complimentary breakfasts make it easy to stay on site for the most stress-free and productive experience... and enjoy camaraderie with your new writing friends.

Bonus Get Your Book Done® Ebook

To help you get a head start on writing your transformational book, as soon as you register for the retreat you’ll immediately receive this gift…  

Get Your Book Done eBook  

In this downloadable 109-page ebook you’ll discover my proven process for writing your transformational book. It’s a system that I’ve developed and perfected since 2007! The step-by-step process makes it effortless to know exactly what to do, and in what order to do it. Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll discover:  

  • Module 1: Laying a Strong Foundation for Your Book’s Success 
  • Module 2: Honing a Message that Gets You Noticed 
  • Module 3: Book Marketing Essentials… Before You Write a Word 
  • Module 4: Critical Research to Make Your Book Its Best 
  • Module 5: How to Organize and Outline Your Book
  • Module 6: Let the Writing Begin 
  • Module 7: How to Stay On Track to the Very Last Word 
  • Module 8: Putting It All Together and Getting Your Book Published

This is the very process that has been producing award-winning and bestselling authors since 2007. It’s the world’s premier method for writing your transformational book, and it’s yours FREE to help you make the most of the retreat and not have to wait until December to get started. You can get started within minutes of completing your retreat registration below!

By now you may be asking what the cost is?

The fee to attend the Transformational Writing Retreat is $1,997, which includes:

  • Full three-day writing retreat 
  • A powerful distraction-free writing zone 
  • Special discounted hotel rate (includes free breakfast buffet) 
  • On-site laser coaching during the retreat 
  • Community of like-minded writers
  • Bonus: Get Your Book Done ebook

Our Peace of Mind Promise

We realize the decision to attend this retreat is an important one. After all, we’re talking about your book here, and it means a lot! So we want to give you our Peace of Mind Promise. And that is that you experience 100% satisfaction or we’ll make it right. We make a promise like this based on 20 years of retreat experience with a 100% satisfaction rating from our attendees. We’ve never had anyone leave a retreat feeling like they didn’t receive more than what they came for. We promise to deliver the same for you!

Only 5 Spots Available

Due to the time and attention given to every retreat attendee, we must limit public tickets (for those who are not members of the My Time to Write community) to only 5 spots. We are committed to every person on retreat experiencing the breakthrough they need to write their book and having words pour onto the page like never before. If this is what you want for YOUR book… register now before the spots are gone!

Got questions? We’re here to help. Email us at or call us toll free at 800-930-3713  

See you soon!

P.S. When it comes to your book, and your life for that matter, none of us is guaranteed “tomorrow.” Writing your book is too important to put on the back burner. So if you’re hanging back and thinking it would be better to do this “later”… please ask yourself what benefit would come from waiting. Hasn’t it been long enough already?