Trouble at the Border

Posted on: July 24th, 2013 by Dan Saia

If you’re reading this right now, chances are good that you’re someone who has a message to share – but may not be making the impact (or money) you yearn for. You’re likely taking steps, growing as a person, and seeing some shifts.

Yet, you’re aware there is a “next step” you want to take in order to see the big shifts you’re looking for. I know some of you are facing that “big step” as you write your proposal for my Transformational Author Writing Contest. Or you may be getting reading to launch your website, write your book, deliver a new talk, let go of your job or business… or maybe even a relationship.

But let’s face it. Next steps can be scary! I know they have been for me. So, when I learned about “trouble at the border” from Maria Nemeth in her book “The Energy of Money” it brought me a lot of peace about the fears that can surface as you get closer to that next step becoming a REALITY!

When you are in the process of transforming something from idea to reality; from the invisible to the visible; the metaphysical to physical – it is NATURAL for the amount of tension you experience to increase.

Image this…

Picture a vertical line drawn on a piece of paper (or perhaps draw one right now). On the right side of the line is “your dream.” This could be writing a book, starting a business, quitting your job, etc. On the left side of the vertical line is the manifested reality you are dreaming of. In other words, your book is published, your new business is launched, you’ve left your job, etc.

The further you are from the line (to the right), the less tension there is between your dream and it becoming reality. But the closer you get to crossing that line and seeing your dream manifested in the physical world, the tension increases.

This is why as you get closer to taking that next big step, fears and doubts may increase. The tension of crossing the line is simply resistance – and if not dealt with properly, may make you think the resistance is telling you to stop!

Heck no! The resistance and tension you’re feeling are positive SIGNS that you are closer to transforming your dream into reality. They are signs for you to keep going and not stop – because you’re almost there! The tension is actually a good thing to experience.

Let’s face it… if it’s not a little scary, it’s not a big enough dream. The greatest gifts are just on the other side of your greatest fears.

Understanding this concept can help you relax a little – and have faith in your progress. When you accept the resistance as part of your process of transforming your dream into reality, it will make those final steps more possible!




9 responses to “Trouble at the Border”

  1. Carol Cummins says:

    That is such an empowering way to look at the resistance…We’re actually getting closer to manifesting. Thank you for that, Christine and have a wonderful vacation with your husband.

  2. Bella says:

    All in perfect timing! I just happened to open your email, saw my “sign” in your last paragraph mentioning this post, and knew it was meant for me to read. Thank you for this post because it was exactly the encouragement I needed. This week the resistance has been building and, just like you described, today I began doubting and questioning.

    Even though I know, and also coach with my clients, that the greatest treasure lies beyond the fear, I still require coaching and uplifting too. There is always the next higher level in this game and new players to assist. 😀 Your clue to me is greatly appreciated, Christine. Onward and upward!

  3. Wow, talk about divine, sacred timing!! Just the words I needed to hear…..truly! You are fulfilling your purpose Christine. Those words feel like they were from God, through you, to me. Thanks from my heart and soul.
    With love, light and blessings,

  4. nancy karlson bridge says:

    Christine ~ From the bottom of my heart, thank you for writing and sharing this; you’re timing is perfect. Last week my mom, recovering from surgery, told me to leave her house (I had planned to provide post-op care for her) and NEVER return. She meant it. Today my brother, an ordained Presbyterian Minister and Hospice Chaplain in Texas, asked that I cease any future contact with him. My adult son who lives in Colorado was scheduled to fly to Baltimore tonight for an extended visit, cancelled his flight and didn’t bother to tell me. I’m hurting so deeply. I have allowed myself to be treated poorly by my family of origin, forever. I hold all of these events in the context of being very close to crossing the border. I appreciate your encouragement much more than you could possibly know. I’m still having neurological challenges ( epilepsy) and I am 100 % committed to crossing the finish line and submitting both of my books into the contest! Thank you for your love, knowledge and sharing if your community. Nancy Karlson Bridge author, “Hit Back Hit Hard” and “Wishing on the Moon.”

  5. Jillian says:

    Thank you for this. It came with absolutely perfect timing. Thank you for reassuring me as I step over that line. Lots of love and light to you!

  6. Dear Christine:
    thanks so much for your inspirational words. Since I started in this journey with you, I heard many ¨beyond mindset¨recorded calls in my morning runs here in Madrid, Spain. This year I am participating in your Transformational author program as a Diamond member and I am feeling the “tension” as I have waited to the last few days to submit my book proposal and I am terrified. Thanks for reminded me that the more fear and doubt I feel, the closer I am to my big dream being manifested. Love and gratitude. Marinma Dorado, CEO & Founder Livefromyourpassion

  7. Tana says:

    thanks Christine!
    quite synchronistic, just before coming online i was thinking about my plans to travel and wondered if i would have troubles at the border…literally two minutes later i sign into my email and see your message Trouble at the Border… this is exactly the motivation i needed today, I just finished clearing some of the resistance to getting my website up and running and this was the dressing on the salad 😀

  8. Great staff! Yes it is still tension to overcome. When I found I can not live with tension, eeach day when It comes, I releases it.

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