The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 4)

Posted on: July 10th, 2013 by Dan Saia

This article is a continuation of the series started a few weeks ago where you’re learning about the four levels in which transformation occurs for a conscious entrepreneur and/or author.

The first level is YOUR transformation as the creator; the second level is the transformation of your “tribe” or readers; the third level is the transformation of your business (a natural benefit of the first two); and fourth is ultimately the transformation of the world.

Today you’ll take a look at the fourth level… transforming the world!

Imagine this… YOUR personal shifts, changes and transformation have the power to impact the world.  Imagine that as you heal, the world heals; as you grow, the world grows; as you forgive, the word forgives; as you awaken, the world awakens, etc.

This IS the level of transformation you can bring to the world as your life (and the way you live it) does have an impact far beyond what you can ever imagine.  Who you ARE and the energy you vibrate out to the world are having an influence in each and every moment of every day.

So, what is the impact you are having on the world… are you bringing your light, love and healing?  Or, are you bringing resentment, blame and negativity?  Of course, “stuff” happens and we go through times of deep pain that may trigger feelings of resentment, blame and negativity… but do you stay there?   Or, do you allow those feelings to transport you to a deeper place of healing within yourself so you can move through the pain and connect more closely with the love, faith, hope and peace that always reside in the depths of your soul?

It is YOUR personal transformation (in those moments when you choose to feel what is there, let it guide you to healing, and burst through to more love and light) that allow for the larger transformation to happen around the globe.  World transformation happens one person at a time, one moment at a time beginning with you!

This is why the four levels of transformation begin with the transformation of your Self.  Then, and only then, are you in a position where you can reach the fourth level of transformation – the world.

I’ve seen too many people (including my former self) build a transformational business without getting to the root foundation that is most critical for success… your Self!  You can learn every “whiz bang” technology out there, you can attend every seminar, hire the right coaches, and do all the “right” things; but if you do not do the MOST important thing – your personal transformational work – none of the other stuff matters.

Sure, it may be rewarding in the short term, but in the long term a truly transformational business cannot sustain if the owner isn’t moving through their own levels of deep transformation, healing and spiritual growth.

This has been my experience on my journey.  And, I have seen mountains of evidence in every area of my life that the transformation of Self DOES transform others, your business and ultimately… the world!

So, if you really want to have an impact on the world through YOUR presence, I encourage you to put as much time, energy and focus on your personal and spiritual “work” as you do your professional work.   Your efforts in the external realm will be MAGNIFIED with every bit of focus you put on your internal realm.

Global transformation is happening now… and it all begins with you!

What do you think?  I’d love to hear your thoughts on this below.



3 responses to “The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 4)”

  1. Elaine says:

    Exactly what I needed to hear today..I was fired recently from a care giving job that I loved..I have been in the field of teaching and assisting people with disabilities young and old in some compacity for 17 years now..I was distraught and feeling sorry for myself when I accidently got hired by a women who once was where I was at currently 13 years ago.. she at a devastating time pulled herself up at started her own senior care center..she reminded me after hiring me that sometimes hod must kick you in the ass to get you out one door in order to open another. Then she asked me what is your dream I said to do what she has done but to help pregnant teens..she asked what has stopped me and I said I guess myself. I showed her my journal from over 15 years ago with my mission statement and the drawing of my she reminded me we are healers and it is our time to heal ourselves and the world..I have spent Welsh now doing research and hitting dead ends but in the process I have spoken to many people who say they feel inspired by what I am trying to achieve..I believe I am meant to do this it is my purpose and so I will strive until it comes to be then I will have another source in healing others who are in need of love and healing..

  2. tara lila rose says:

    I keep reminding myself that everything that happens is happening for me rather than too me. Your writing course was providing a wonderful opportunity for me as I felt embraced and supported within a virtual family. Then something unpredictable happened and I experienced major technological challenges which got me so upset and off balance that I literally started melting down and feeling helpless and hopeless as the clock was ticking and the deadline was fast approaching. Issues that I thought were healed and resolved came up in my face and I knew that there was something inside of me that was creating this block. It has forced me to plunge much deeper than I ever thought was possible and just focus on what I knew were false beliefs that were still firmly implanted in the back of my subconscious mind. I remembered what Norman Cousins once said: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, it’s what dies inside a person while they’re still living.” I believe that I was really being tested and that this experience was occurring to show me how I was allowing my external condition to determine my happiness and was propelling me to get in touch with the true source – God. I confessed that I wanted to stay cool and not get caught in fear. I struggled to conserve energy and and to avoid any complaining, blaming or falling into self-pity with questions like “why me”? I realized that I had to pull myself above this fear which was becoming almost a state of panic and go within, becoming the witness and instead see this seeming limitation as an invitation to allow a part of my being to die. In this process I transformed and a part of my being was revealed to me that might never have been known to me otherwise. Everything that happens to us is grist for the mill in the growth of our soul if we can rise above it rather than allow it to ruin our happiness in the moment. Today I prayed that all those valuing wisdon, intuition and imagination above knowledge seek each other out, to do good in the world. I’m also declaring my personal independence from any and all false and limiting beliefs…freedom from the tyranny of this subconscious programming and I see this as the most important challenge to all of humanity. This is what I believe “Being in the world but not of it”is all about! Having a willingness to see the hand if God in situations that are beyond our control actually opens a doorway for a deeper level of reality as it deepens our relationship to the Divine, which in turn invites more ease and flow into our reality. We are evolving out of deeply ingrained patterns and it is truly the greatest blessing and our only hope for a better life and world.

  3. Lynn Young says:

    Yes! I totally agree. We ALL are transforming the world (whether we know it or not!) Reminds me of when I was teaching sex education. Parents would say, “I don’t know how to teach my kids about sex.” The truth was—they WERE teaching their kids. With every word, action, reaction, breath! Every kiss, every comment, every snuggle, every recoil. So yay to you to pointing us to that bigger truth, Christine! We are transFORMING the world…24/7. Every breath, movement, action. So——here’s to our being conscious, and dancing with THAT! p.s. I love the idea of not “working” at spiritual growth—rather, inviting it, embracing it, making it an intentional part of what we are up to. Puts lots of joy and light and play and flow into it—which is more naturally human and whole and, frankly, delightful!

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