The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 3)

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by Dan Saia

This article is a continuation of the series started a few weeks ago where you’re learning about the four levels in which transformation occurs for a conscious entrepreneur and/or author.

The first level is YOUR transformation as the creator; the second level is the transformation of your “tribe” or readers; the third level is the transformation of your business (a natural benefit of the first two); and fourth is ultimately the transformation of the world.

Today you’ll take a look at the third level… transforming your business!

Once you’ve worked through your own transformation, and gained clarity on how you want to help others transform – this is the sweet spot in which your business can then transform.

However, most entrepreneurs are taught to work on the business first. The belief is, if you work on the business and get it fixed, then everything else will work out. And, nothing is further from the truth.

I know from experience what it’s like to build a business that looked like the epitome of success on the “outside” but had a cracked foundation on this inside. It didn’t matter how much money I made, even more than a half-million dollars in revenue in a single year couldn’t fill the crack in the foundation.

Ask yourself these three questions as you move forward with transforming your business:

1) Are you really doing what YOU want to do, or are you doing what you think you should do?

2) Are you coming from a true place of service? Or, is fear causing you to act?

3) Are you allowing yourself to be guided (connected with Spirit) to help you determine the best next steps in your business? If not, what can you do to bring more Spirit into your business?

All of these questions open new doors to honesty and authenticity with your Self. The answer to which will let you see into parts of yourself that perhaps you haven’t wanted to look into… yet. But, the beauty is – these questions hold the key to deeper understanding, new wisdom, truth and insight that, once integrated, will be the very rocket fuel for your business success.

Especially now as the world goes through its own powerful transformation, your business is being called to do the same thing. Know that any challenge you face, obstacles that seem to be in your way, struggles that seem never-ending – they are all here to SERVE you on your transformational path. Let them be your teachers, let them bring you to your knees perhaps, and let yourself get to the bottom of it all so you can launch yourself back up with courage, wisdom and strength.

Stay tuned for the fourth and final installment of this article series in my next issue where we’ll dig into the fourth level of transformation – your world!

And, if you want to dig a little deeper right now, I encourage you to take the action step below….

Action Step

Get out a piece of paper, or a new Word document and answer the questions posed to you above in the article. Give yourself the gift of taking time to do this now. Remember; do not have any judgment about your answers. Allow whatever shows up to be there, and pay attention to any feelings that arise. Breathe into the feelings rather than squash them down. You don’t need to do anything immediately with what you see. Simply begin the exploratory process of noticing what’s there and letting it unfold as you move forward.



10 responses to “The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 3)”

  1. Thank you for this! I need this reminder to be still, and remember why I do what I do. It’s so easy to get lost in “stuff” rather than seeing my business as something that needs my love and prayers, and my own transformation for it to be vital.

  2. Thomas Juli says:

    Dear Christine,
    thank you for sharing your very powerful insights. They are right on and I couldn’t agree more.
    In addition to your suggestions the following questions and guidelines may be helpful, too:
    In my work as a project leadership coach and consultant I tell my clients that it is crucial that every project – starting and building your own business can be considered a project – if it is to succeed and become a “WOW” project, has to have an MVP. MVP stands for Motivation, Vision and Project objectives.
    MOTIVATION addresses the question WHY you are starting the project in the first place. What are the underlying problems you are trying to resolve. I encourage clients not to take the first answer to the question “what is the problem?” but dig deeper by taking the answer and asking “WHY is this a problem?” again, again – up to five times. This helps identify the root cause of a problem – or your deepest motivation.
    VISION – Taken your motivation what is the ideal outcome to the root cause of the problem. This can be far, far in the future. It is something very emotional, something that inspires you and drives you forward. Again, asking the WHY question up to five times may help to strengthen the vision even more before it helps you gain a better and deeper understanding of your own vision.
    PROJECT objectives – Now that you have your Motivation and Vision, what is the first step toward reaching your vision. What concrete step will take you closer? Be specific (without getting lost in details), set a target date and make sure it is sync with your Motivation and Vision. Then go.
    Now, of course, there is much more to running a project than just saying “go”. You can read business books, yes. Or you can follow simple principles of leadership. I describe these principles in my own book . I invite your readers to visit my website at and let me know if they are interested in learning more about these principles. As a special service to you and your readers they can receive a free digital copy of my book (a 75 $ value).


  3. Stuart Young says:

    That is a powerful exercise to do Christine. I self published my own book ‘How To Change Your Life One Day At A Time’ a year ago and it has 365 exercises, techniques and guides just like this one. Some have been gratefully featured by some of the biggest names in the transformation arena such as: Brian Tracy, Hale Dwoskin, John Assaraf, Dan Sullivan, Frank Kern and many more. I’m still struggling with promoting it successfully but I continue everyday. I look forward to learning more from you. Stu 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Sounds like a great book Stuart! Keep loving it and sharing it and those who need your message will receive it.

  4. tara lila rose says:

    Sista Christine –

    I AM sending you big love and hugs to you and your precious fam! Your daughter is so beautiful that I almost burst into tears when I saw her picture holding a bouquet of lavender in her hand and eminating pure love. You are so blessed to have her.

    Your writing course saved my life and was the much needed medicine that my soul was craving. So thanx again and thanx for staying in touch.

    I have walked thru the burning flames and done the hard psychic work but was not really putting enuf step (feet) on my prayers and your course has re-ignited the fire in my heart that was simmering for a long time.

    Virginia is so beautiful…’s as if one can somehow see more clearly there. Enjoy!

    Be Blessed by the Golden Goddess always,

    • Christine says:

      Sending you tons of love and gratitude Tara! It’s a gift to be walking this journey with amazing people like you. Virginia was amazing and I agree… it is a place that brings great clarity, and calm. XOXO

  5. Pam says:

    Dear Christine,

    Having completed your 10 day TAE training has been amazing! Thank you for sharing so much of your story and strategies with all of us. I could never be where I am right now with my writing process without what you and the other wonderful speakers offered to share. May you continue to be blessed!

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