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I’m glad you’re on this page because it means you’re serious about excavating your authentic message and turning your book idea into a reality.

I love helping people like you experience the “a-ha” moments where you break through anything holding you back from starting (and finishing) your book. The confidence, clarity, courage and growth that transformational authorship brings is worth what it takes to get there!

Let me make this simple for you. Here are the three best ways I can help you get started right away… for free. (Most people appreciate being able to “try before you buy” – so it’s my pleasure to share these free “samples” with you!)

Get Your Book Done® Kickstart

The Get Your Book Done® Kickstart offers you inside access to one of the most powerful trainings I offer aspiring authors. This is the exact training my paying clients receive when they first begin my Get Your Book Done® program. Here I’m giving it to you (free) to help “kickstart” YOUR book.

You’ll receive instant access to my mp3 downloadable audio training on the 4 Levels of Transformation that are essential to your success as an author, along with a printable PDF Action Guide so you don’t just listen… but IMPLEMENT what you discover right away. PLUS… you’ll receive a bonus video of my 45-minute training on “Books and Publicity as Tools for Personal and Global Transformation.”

Here’s what Kamin had to say about it: “”I feel inspired, excited and encouraged…”

Hi Christine,

I hope this gets to you. I just wanted to let you know what a great process this was! When I started the exercise I was full of angst about time. I’m a corporate VP, I’m running/coordinating my husband’s book launch next month, and trying to start my own coaching practice.

By the end of your exercise I wrote, “I feel inspired, excited and encouraged. It just has to be done.”

So I wanted to thank you as I can feel the shift inside of me in only a few minutes.

Bless you!

– Kamin

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Transformational Author Home Study Preview

The Transformational Author Home Study Preview offers two exclusive trainings that have already helped more than 10,000 aspiring authors around the world. In these previews you’ll discover “How to Build a Rock Solid Foundation for Your Book’s Success.” I’ve heard over and over again that my students wish they’d learned this stuff years ago because it demystifies and simplifies essential basics of book success.

You’ll also receive my powerful interview with multiple New York Times Best-Selling Author, Lisa Nichols, who’ll share her profound journey to success, and provide enough motivation and inspiration to keep you fired up about your book for months (if not years) to come. You’ll KNOW – without the shadow of a doubt – that you are “Destined for Greatness” the moment Lisa speaks. She rocked the house when I interviewed her live for this training and I’m thrilled to share it with you now… for free.

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Soulful Messenger Coaching Program (Home Study)

Break through writer’s block, procrastination, overwhelm and self-doubt and connect to your soul’s true purpose.

Program Details:

5 training sessions with Christine on how to overcome the blocks that keep you from writing, speaking, building your business and reaching your full potential. PLUS you will learn how to connect with your inner guidance and discover your soul’s true calling. In addition to the training and guided processes, there are robust, wisdom-filled Q&A session recordings included for every training!

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“I’ve not only recreated my SELF, I’ve defined my message and transformed my business.”

“Christine is true to her word! Her Transformational Author Experience exceeded my expectations by offering a “real experience” in additional to personally providing solid information from some of the most amazing speakers and book experts of our time! I had always wanted to write a book and I never knew how or what it would take. Within 24 hours of learning about TAE, I was motivated to become an author… and within 30 days, I conceived my book and was able to write the first chapter! Transforming my message into print was only the first stage of big change! Through the Platinum group coaching sessions, Christine’s genuine warmth and sincerity could be felt through the phone and provided all the trust I needed to continue in my transformation.  I got the practical advice necessary to make it possible to totally change the way I understand my business! I am now positioned for prosperity and success! I have not only recreated my SELF, I’ve defined my message and transformed my business! Now, I can’t wait to finish my book and change the WORLD!”

Kim ValeriTransformational Leader and Founder of YogaSpirit Studios



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