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Talk Topics

Transformational Authorship:  Discover How YOUR Book Can Impact the World (Really!)

You’ll discover:

  • How to put an end to procrastination in writing, publishing or marketing your book
  • The most important 250-words you’ll ever write
  • The little known secret – used by authors like Gay Hendricks and Sonia Choquette – that’ll be a never-ending source of fuel for your book’s success
  • How to quiet the voices that hold you back from your living your biggest dreams as an author
  • How to master the four levels of transformational authorship
  • The key to making an impact far beyond the words you write
  • … and more!

Interview Questions:

  1. How did you get where you are now, pioneering the Transformational Author Movement?
  2. What does it mean to be a Transformational Author?  And, how can someone master this?
  3. How does being a Transformational Author differ from other types of authors?
  4. You talk about the “3 Why’s” Every transformational author needs to know… what are they?
  5. What are some critical steps Transformational Authors need to take to succeed with their books?
  6. How do you recommend authors quiet down those voices that say they can’t do it, or who do you think you are?
  7. What motivates you to help authors write their transformational books?
  8. How can everyone listening learn more about the FREE training you have for  Transformational Authors?

Creating Space for Grace:  Awakening to the Perfection of Everything

What would be possible if you knew – beyond the shadow of a doubt – that the flow of grace was flowing to and through you in every moment of every day? That awakening to the gifts of grace can carry you through the ups and downs, the joys and disappointments, the celebrations and the heartaches… with ease, happiness and peace.

In Space for Grace: Awakening to the Perfection of Everything, you’ll be guided through a powerful and practical process to transform life’s challenges (big or small) into profound moments of possibility for your highest healing, growth and expression in the world.
About ten talking points. What has your soul the most passionate? We mentioned:

  1. Would you share with us a little bit about that “on your knees” moment that changed everything and opened you to the power and presence of grace?
  2. Who were you before this experience?
  3. Who were you after this experience?
  4. What was the first step you took to help you off your knees?
  5. How did you open your heart to love during this time of challenge?
  6. What guidance did you receive from Spirit that moved you toward impacting tens of thousands of lives in a relatively short amount of time?
  7.  What transpired for yourself (and others) as you shined your brighter light in the world?
  8. What do you want to share with our listeners to encourage them to shine their light?
  9. What drives your passion for serving transformational authors?
  10. Is there anything else you want to share before we complete?


Free Transformational Author Training at www.TransformationalAuthor.com
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Free Get Your Book Done Training at www.GetYourBookDone.com
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