Showing Up

Posted on: February 7th, 2013 by Christine

You’ve heard the famous quote that 80% of success is showing up.  Personally, I believe that percentage is even higher when you consider ALL that showing up entails.

I used to think that showing up meant being seen at events, putting myself in front of people (either in person or online) and doing what I said I would do.  My former self believed that’s all it took.

Little did I know about the full extent of what showing up truly means.  Thankfully, just over two years ago that perception changed when I experienced my life crumbling around me.  I was forced to ask myself what “showing up” looked like then… in the middle of losing my business, my home and almost my sanity.

At that point showing up meant sobbing uncontrollably sometimes, being present to the suffering I was experiencing, not sweeping things under the carpet and pretending everything was “fine.”  And it also meant opening myself to seeing the grace, miracles and abundant blessings that emerged and rose from the crumbled structure I used to believe was who I am.

Showing up is about being PRESENT.  It’s about being WHO you are, WHERE you are and HOWEVER you are.  It’s about living life as life IS, not how you have constructed it to be in your own thinking mind.

Let’s take “One Direction” for example – seeing that I’m in the middle of party preparation for my daughter’s “One Direction” birthday party.  Here you’ve got 5 boys who didn’t know each other hoping to pursue their dreams of becoming pop singers through the show “X Factor” in the UK.  One by one they were rejected as individual singers.

5 minutes after they were basically booted, Simon Cowell put them together in a boy band and asked them if they wanted to continue the journey together.  And, the rest is history.  Sold out shows, chart topping hits, a world-wide sensation – and birthday party inspiration.

Not one of those boys envisioned being in a boy band together.  Heck, they didn’t even know each other.  But, they allowed themselves to be fully PRESENT to what WAS unfolding in their lives (as different as it looked), and the miracles flowed from there.

The same is true for you.  If you give yourself permission to show up in this moment… and this moment… and this moment to truly SEE and SEIZE what life is presenting to you right now, you’ll be amazed at what unfolds.

Sometimes what happens will be tremendous healing and releasing of old destruction patterns; sometimes your next book or talk reveals itself to you in a millisecond; sometimes it means simply noticing the beauty of the moon perched in the sky; pr  holding that hug or kiss just a little bit longer than usual.  You get the picture…

Life is what happens in the moments.  If you’re always focusing on the past of planning the future, it is very difficult to simply BE HERE NOW (as Eckhart Tolle would say… be in the now.)

Showing up in about presence; plain and simple.  It doesn’t take external effort or as I used to think “looking good.”  The effort occurs within to keep asking yourself “where am I right now?”  And, if you discover that you’re not “here” but rather in the past or future… remind yourself to come back to right here, right now.  This is where you’ll discover the greatest gifts of your life, your heart and your soul’s mission on this earth at this time.

Why would you want to be anywhere else?   Here’s to showing up!


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  1. Dana Forbes says:

    Thank you for this blog Christine. It reminded me of something I had just written to a Course in Miracles group I occasionally meet with who were wrestling with how to create a more respectful ambiance in the group. I thought I would share this with you.

    I am not sure how I found out about it, but I met you through your current TAE webcast.

    Dana Forbes

    Hi all,

    I have a few thoughts on this discussion.

    First of all I am very glad this discussion is taking place and I am grateful for Josh’s opening up the discussion. I am grateful for Ben’s continuing the discussion after the group and for everyones thoughtfulness here.

    I think that before we move to implementing rules and structures, which may be helpful as supports, I’d like us to think about the meanings behind the shift that we are looking for.

    There is in our little group, in my perception, a rather profound commitment to healing, growth and the course’s principles of forgiveness. Clearly, to me, this group is very valuable to all who come.
    I think that this present discussion may be a doorway to a deepening of the ability of our group to nurture an atmosphere of “miracle readiness”.

    It is our unique presence, full presence, to each other that is the offering of the miracle to each other. Writing these words reminds me of some notes I was making for a something I wanted to write about presence in psychotherapy, which is simply a relationship. Let me see if I can find those notes…Here they are:

    Presence as total attention. Listening with the whole being. With a unified heart/mind/body. With no intention to help, fix improve, be smart, feel smart, feel power over. With no background information, beliefs about, judgements based on conclusions. Opinions,theories, any “old” information. Absolutely open to what is completely new in the person in front of you. Never a patient, client. Always a remarkable unfathomable ever new, person. Attention with total open hearted and tender hearted curiosity. I don’t know, and I want to know with my whole being. Passionately. No other agenda. Aware within oneself, with the same passionate, non judging, tender and open hearted attention, any movements within oneself that are not of this Presence. These are the eyes, the ears, the heart of love. Seeing totally, hearing totally, feeling totally the emergence of the astoundingly new within and without, (they are the same) that is ever awaiting invitation that only Presence can offer.

    Presence is the only quality that heals. Any techniques without presence are mechanical and can only adjust, rearrange, reconfigure, and often do violence to the known, the old and the emerging new. Presence invites open-endedly, without demand or agenda the new, the unknown undiscovered, the fresh.

    Some time ago, I had a very illuminating dream. I was at a bar talking with William Shakespeare. He was telling me that he knew that when such and so a thing happens (I never recalled what that thing was when I awoke), he knows that he will be sad. When the me in the dream responded in a way that completely shifted his experience out of dread and pessimism to one of wonder and curiosity, he asked me how I had known what to say. I responded saying “my brain is in my body, between here and here (gesturing with my hands at the bottom of my neck and below my belly button). This is where I listen and think. And I use the brain in my head to find the words to express what my body/brain knows.

    I think that this is a description of that kind of listening with presence. When I can remember to listen, be present, in this way in my waking life, I see evidence of the miracle happening right in front of and within me. I believe that that is the universal experience the Course is talking about. But we must be very quiet un-rushed, and sensitive inside to notice it. There is a whole realm of communicating and yearning between, behind and within the words that we can and perhaps must attend to and be present to for each other.

    The course says that the miracle saves time on the road to God, to waking. Each of these tiny Holy moments brings us all closer to the truth we never left but forgot to remember. I think we can create and nurture a deeper tenderness and care for each other by attending to the quality of our presence as we listen to each other. We are called to be the face and heart of Christ for one another.

    Thomas Aquinas wrote millions of words about the nature of the relationship between God and man. Towards the end of his life he had a profound experience of the Presence of God and said that all that he had written was straw.

    We are, I am, excited about the words in the Course, about reading those words and understanding them and sharing them. But let us not forget that those words have only the purpose of opening us to the experience of that unfathomable and immeasurable love that lies within us just behind our words our thoughts, and in our smiles.


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