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“One week later my eBook was #4 in the UK on Amazon Kindle for my genre.”

“I had all the ingredients of a successful business – except the belief that it was going to work. I had a coach’s qualification, studied marketing and picked a niche – musicians who struggle to grow their fan base. I had written a course on growing and keeping a fan base, and got great feedback on it.   Then I found out about Christine’s Transformational Author Experience!

I didn’t know anything about publishing but I listened to one of her classes and realized I could be an author.  So, I pulled together my course content and some new material to create The Fan Formula.  I published it as an eBook and a week later it was #4 in the UK Amazon Kindle Music Business chart.  Publishing a book gave me the confidence to open the conversation and build a great business. I’m on track for success.  Thank you, Christine!”

Eliza MichaelsAuthor of The Fan Fomula



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