The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 1)

Posted on: May 17th, 2013 by Christine

“Encore” Article By Christine Kloser
Copyright 2011

CocoonWhen you undertake any great entrepreneurial journey (birthing a book, creating a new program, developing a new service are perfect examples), there are four levels in which transformation occurs, and ALL levels need to be present to have the greatest possible impact!

The first level is YOUR transformation as the creator; the second level is the transformation of your “tribe” or readers; the third level is the transformation of your business (a natural benefit of the first two); and fourth is ultimately the transformation of the world.

Let’s take a look at the first level today… transforming your Self!

With any endeavor, the first and most critical step is to figure out where you’re going.  But, how often when you start a new project do you take a moment to discover for yourself where your want the project to take YOU on your transformational journey?

As a conscious author or entrepreneur, it does you no good to get started with a new project without bringing your full awareness to all that is at play.  And, let’s face it – the projects you take on transform you!  Its part of the blissful and blessed journey of being a creative entrepreneur… your WORK becomes your greatest catalyst for massive personal transformation!

So, just imagine how much more powerful and impactful your transformation can be if you go into a project knowing what’s on tap for your personal journey.

For instance, I was recently talking with one of my clients, Dallas Travers author of The Tao of Show Business, about the massive success she’s had since becoming a published author (she did my Get Your Book Done® program a few years ago).   Here’s what she said, “Christine’s work has allowed me to make an impact on people around the globe, but best of all it’s completely transformed who I see myself to
be in the world.”

Did you get that?  The most powerful part of what she shared is – what was best of all was how writing a book completely TRANSFORMED who she sees herself to be in the world.  Now, that’s powerful stuff!

It is this personal transformation that has allowed her to step into her place as a leader in her field, quadruple her income in 2 short years, more than quadruple her email list and be living a life she really loves!

She knew when she decided to join my program that it was going to be about much more than her book, or her business… she knew her LIFE was about to change for the better because she was committed to the transformational journey (and the courage, clarity and confidence that came along with it)!

How about you?

The next time you decide to create or birth a new book, program, product or service… will you do the work in advance to get clear on the personal transformation you want to receive through the process?  I’d highly encourage you to take this step first!

Connecting with the personal transformation that’s at stake for you is like adding rocket fuel to the whole process of creation in your business.  When YOU transform, everything you touch transforms… and the miracles and blessings from that transformation can’t help but pour upon you!

Stay tuned for Part 2…

In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this first level of transformation.  Please comment below!



3 responses to “The Four Levels of Transformation (Part 1)”

  1. Thank you, Christine, for that insight. I always felt that the transformation that occurs within me as the practitioner was a bi-product of the work I was creating. Now, I will make certain that it is the intention for why I am creating!

    • Christine says:

      Great Tracey! I’ll be curious to hear how it shifts you… the more you transform, heal and grow – the more those you impact will too.

  2. Nancy says:

    I am writing a book, a big, messy memoir, and the process is definitely transforming me. Three years into it, I am fully aware that the bi-product I’ve been experiencing–my own transformation– is actually my deeper purpose in writing it. I sensed that from the beginning, but did not articulate it.

    This is liberating me from performance pressures, and allows me to write from the heart, with compassion for all the people represented in the book. It is truly a story of transformation from traumatization as a highly sensitive person, to accepting my own sensitivities, coming to value them, and thriving because of it.

    I’ve known all along that it wasn’t about being a victim, but some of the writing has required me to revisit some difficult places. I feel compelled by Spirit to keep writing, and as I’ve done so, the process has gotten gentler and deeper.

    I really appreciate your wise words, and I hope to take your class when the time is right. In the meantime, I really do appreciate you and your other readers. Thank you!

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