If She Can Do It…

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 by Christine

Featuring Niki Elliott, Ph.D., Author of “The Intuitive Mother”

If you’ve ever dreamed of writing a book and sharing your message through the power of the written word, this story is for you.

If you’ve started and stopped writing over and over again, and have files sitting in your computer that you know could help others, this story is for you.

If you let fears or excuses stop you from being the great author and messenger that you are, this story is for you.

I’m so grateful I had the foresight to attend a Lisa Nichols “Speak and Write” event in San Diego, CA in April 2012.  I love Lisa and knew it would be a great event, but wasn’t sure why the call was so strong that I had to be there.  I simply knew I needed to go.

It was there that I met a powerful, passionate woman named Niki Elliott, Ph.D. who recently wrote the following letter to me.  I’m sharing it here with you so you can learn and be inspired by her.

Niki had her completed manuscript finished and sitting in her computer for YEARS… until we met.  Here’s her powerful story…

“On December 31, 2008 at 5:30pm, I completed the final draft of my first book, “The Intuitive Mother: A 21 Day Spiritual Journey That Will Change Your Family Forever.”  I felt so proud to accomplish my lifelong goal just in time to honor my 2008 New Year’s resolution.

“The Intuitive Mother” then sat on my computer for the next three years, patiently waiting for me to overcome my fear of exposing my personal challenges with motherhood to the world.  I knew the book had the potential to bless millions of women, yet I allowed my internal critic to hold me back with countless excuses.

In April 2012, I had the pleasure of meeting Christine Kloser at a seminar for speakers and authors. I shared my story of fear and paralysis with the group. The crowd showered me with an unbelievable outpouring of encouragement and support. It was there that Christine approached me and said she wanted to help.  In that instant, all of my excuses for playing small were stripped away.

For the next seven months, Christine shepherded my project through the editing and design process with exceptional attention to detail. Her team honored every request and produced a finished product that makes me tingle each time I hold a copy in my hands. I cannot say enough about Christine’s level of professionalism and talent as a transformational book coach and publisher. I have taken all of her teachings to heart and have profited tremendously from her advice.

On November 15, 2012, I received the first copy of “The Intuitive Mother” in the mail. I will never forget the day I came to recognize and honor myself as a published author. Two days after my first book signing, I received an email from a mother struggling with maternal depression.

She told me how grateful she was that I was willing to share my story to inspire mothers who suffer in silence. My book moved her to tears and offered specific action steps she could take to find her way out of her pain. No feeling can match the joy of knowing that a life has been transformed because I answered the call to serve others through sharing my story and publishing my book!

If you have a transformational story in your heart, yet you find yourself drowning in excuses, I highly recommend that you work with Christine Kloser. She definitely is a woman of integrity and action. Your dreams will be fulfilled under her compassionate guidance. Mine certainly have!”

So, now that you’ve heard Niki’s powerful story of overcoming fears and excuses, and saw how she then experienced the great gift of impacting lives with her book… I hope you’re feeling inspired to say YES to your publishing goals and dreams in 2013.

If you have that book sitting in your computer, or a plethora of ideas rolling around in your head, or an inspired idea that keeps you up at night… you owe it to yourself – as well as those you’ll serve with your message – to make THIS the year you see your words in print.

You can do it… I know you can.



3 responses to “If She Can Do It…”

  1. Pam Freeland says:

    I, too, have a manuscript just sitting and waiting til the Universal time is right! I said many years ago that if I could help one person with my story and bring awareness then it was worth all the pain, suffering and lessons learned that I went through. I am so happy that Niki was able to overcome her fears and get her message out to the public! Congratulations and many blessings to you!

  2. With me I had no idea of how to go about considering publishing my story.
    You see, my story was about lost identity. For years, I struggled to understand why I did not pay attention to the writer within that had something to share.
    I longed to fine wholeness. Then one day as I traveled on the spiritual journey I realized that the “more” was right inside of me. I guess what held me back was the confidence and trauma from the years of seeing myself not capable, not loveable, helpless and not wanted. So, the inner writer got my attention and I began to experience this inner strong sense that I had to write the book. The book became an reality and more, I designed it, I took my own photos and self published it with the help of wonderful teachers. Now, I am working on the promoting it. Indeed, I was transformed by a higher push to offer my gift of empowering others. I have a gift to heal with words and for this I am most grateful. My inner muse would not allow me to sleep, I had to write the poetry book for the spiritual journey. Writing is my medicine and life line for becoming
    fully alive. I have many years ago put together my memories. Some weeks ago I began to read it because I wanted to complete it. As I read what I wrote I felt who was this person. So, perhaps you could guide me with the final process?
    I would like to know how you work with those who have published a book?

    I have been reading your e-mails and just today, I began to wonder if we could
    work together? When I read about the two instance with the snow and how you handled it. That is what I teach in my book, “Winter’s Mystery-Time To Go Within:
    Spiritual Journeying” to open the door into yourself and know there is a way, even when none seems available. We transform the situation into the gold.

  3. Paulina Giao says:

    I love Niki’s story, especially as I have a book lying around that was completed three years ago.

    My excuse was, and is, not being able to afford an editor, and being shy to expose my not always correct grammer.

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