If Not Now… When?

Posted on: October 7th, 2014 by Dan Saia

If Not Now… When? 
By Christine Kloser 

Stuck like a bird in a cage. 
Infinite potential, wings of glory. 
Beauty to bestow, blessings to bring. 

But a voice that says, 
Conditions aren’t perfect… yet. 
It’s not safe… yet. 
It’s not time… yet. 
I can’t fly… yet. 

Believe that voice of fear? 
Or believe the truth. 

You’re ready when you CHOOSE to be. 
Conditions will never be “perfect” (and that’s OK). 
Support makes it SAFE. 
It’s time when you SAY “It’s Time!” 

Here’s to the voice of the TRUE you. 
The ONE who has been called, 
To liberate your message, 
And fulfill your soul’s purpose. 

Not someday. 
Not when it’s convenient. 
Not when it’s easy and no risk is involved. 

This day can be THE day. 
The day you say YES. 
To you. 
To your message. 
To your life. 
To your soul. 
To being who you were BORN to be. 

If not now, when? 
The choice is yours.



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