Giving Birth to your Message

Posted on: November 1st, 2012 by Christine

Even though autumn is in the air and the trees are nearly naked in my area, I continue to be blessed with seeing things birthing all over the place.  Whether it’s a book, business, event, program, relationship, vision, website, etc… birth is in the air!

So, I felt it would be the perfect time to share some wisdom for giving birth to your message.

First, birth is messy!  Just think about the mess that’s involved when bringing a baby into the world.  I won’t get into the details here, but you can envision it is not a neat, clean, tidy and orderly experience.  It’s messy, primal, thrilling and scary all at the same time.

Why then, do many people expect the birthing process of a project, business, idea, team, etc. to come wrapped in a box with a pretty bow on top?  Here are some tips to help you with whatever you are birthing now…

It’s a Process

Birthing anything is a process.  A baby gestates for 9 months and morphs from a few cells into a fully functioning being.  The project, book, business, etc. that you are birthing is also a process.  Don’t expect everything to be done overnight and look exactly like you think it “should.”  Often times as the birth is unfolding, it looks nothing like what you envisioned.  Yet, something is happening and the birth is occurring.  Allow the process to unfold because fighting it won’t do any good.

Be Flexible

I learned the gift of flexibility in the birthing process when my planned water birth in our living room turned into a Cesarean birth in the hospital!  That experience rocked my world.  After feeling devastated by what was unfolding, I surrendered to it and ended up having what I refer to as the best hospital birth anyone could ask for!  It would not have been that way if I wasn’t willing to be flexible and adjust to this new course.  The same goes for you in your birthing process… be flexible!  Realize that where you begin may be very different than where you finish.  Go with the flow and good will come!

Trust What’s Happening

In the moments where you’re feeling a “melt down” coming on because things don’t look like you think they ought to… TRUST what is happening and surrender to it.  Fighting what’s happening or holding onto a certain way that isn’t working just causes more pain and suffering… and delay in the birthing process!  So, the moment you feel scared or lost, remember to take a breath and trust.  The spaciousness you create with that moment of awareness has the power to change everything!


When you do give birth to your message – in whatever form it shows up – remember to celebrate!  You worked hard to write that book, you let go of control when planning your event, you surrendered your will when creating a new program, you trusted the process when you gave that talk, etc.  Don’t let your great accomplishment, transformation and growth go unnoticed.  Celebrate YOU… because you just gave birth!



7 responses to “Giving Birth to your Message”

  1. Di Coop says:

    Congratulations Christine on the outstanding difference you are making to all transformation difference makers. Your encouragement, wisdom and support is so valuable.

    I love the analogy in this article and totally relate. It took me four years to write my book – to believe in myself enough and to push through all the hiccups along the way, including the publisher going broke. However, I’m so proud of the outcome and have finally discovered my target audience.

    Just preparing to give birth to my Eight Keys to Freedom. It’s never too late and again, I salute you.

    With love and gratitude for your wisdom.
    Di Coop
    The Emotional Spring Cleaner

  2. Dianne says:

    Love this article! This article came at the perfect time!

  3. Mary Blake says:

    This article resonated with me because it echoes many things I’ve been saying for years. Creation IS a very messy process. When things are too neat you’re usually in management mode. Also, I’d like to recommend my friend Faridi McFree’s lovely book, “CELEBRATE YOU, Healing Through Art and Affirmation”. Faridi’s no longer with us but her wonderful art speaks volumes.
    I recently birthed twins, “JOURNALS OF A HEALER, A Personal Account of Ventures Beyond Time, Space and So-Called Reality” and “” my ning community site. Not bad for one who’s 83 yrs young! Keep on birthing, it’s the closest we get to God on this plane.

  4. Amy Nead says:

    Thanks so much, Christine – this is an article that I really needed! I am birthing a business and I truly have expected that perfect little package all tied up neatly with a bow! I never realized all of the self-doubt and fear that comes with starting a business ~ especially one that is a completely different path than what I have been on! Having birthed 3 children, I absolutely love your analogy and appreciate your birth plans go awry! A business and eventually, my book, should fare simple in comparison!

    Your article will be by my side as a reminder of the messy, but most amazing memorable process this is and that I am not alone. Like the Mom that I am, I need to be flexible and not always such a “perfectionist”, and like your readers who commented above – I just need to get out there and “do it”!

    God bless you as you continue to help the world with your outstanding work. And congrats on your new website!

  5. Aurelio says:

    Thank you, Christine, for this beautiful article!… It is encouraging and inspiring… Thank you for the reminder that giving birth to ideas… a marketing campaign… a new career… a new life… is messy… and doesn’t usually look like we “expect” it too… Love, Aurelio.

  6. D. L. Hart (Debby) says:


    I enjoyed this post. Finding your voice, refining your message and bringing forth something of value can certainly be messy, confusing, downright painfully and even scary. It does take everything you mentioned in your article. One also needs to believe in your message and voice.

    Thanks for the birth analogy, it works brilliantly.


  7. Thank you for that timely article. I am in the process of birthing a book and an invention at the same time, and it has been a challenging journey, to say the least. The insight that you gave was spot on. I definitely needed to read those words. Today your article brought me comfort and showed me that inspite of what I am going through right now, the birth is still unfolding. My dreams will come to fruition if I will just trust the process.
    Tracey L. Moore
    (Author of the upcoming book entitled, Oasis For My Soul: Poems and Inspirational Writings for Spiritual and Personal Growth)

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