Experiencing the Awakened You

Posted on: November 14th, 2012 by Christine

Guest Article by Ken Stone

Beneath the ideas of who you are and what you want, is the awakened you. Beneath the mantras, intentions, and visualizations… you are already whole and your wholeness is not simply a conceptual state. It is real – and it is available to you viscerally: physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and in all aspects of the “outward” expression of your life (relationship, money, calling, etc.). This experience of Self is available to everyone on the planet… including you.

And if you’re reading this right now… I’m probably safe to assume you believe this truth on some level of your being.  However, the questions you may be asking are, “How do I experience these truths?  How can I experience myself as free and whole?”

The answer is both powerfully simple and fundamentally frustrating. Consider this… the strategies you’ve used to succeed to this point in your life are now the things that are actually holding you back.  As you move to higher levels of consciousness on your spiritual journey you must contradict the lesson that brought you to this point in order to move to the next level.

Let me explain by sharing about the three levels of consciousness.  The journey begins as Victims (first level), bearing no responsibility for any aspect of your life.  Then, as you move to the second level of Manifestor you learn to take responsibility for everything in your life. As you’ve likely put to good use in your own life, you know the value of reframing your thoughts and focusing your attention on those things you desire, rather than focusing on what you don’t want. The transformation from Victim to Manifestor is extraordinary as you discover the creative power of your thoughts.

And yet, the question of happiness usually remains. Think of a time when you manifested exactly what you wanted. Did you feel happy?  If you did, did the feeling continue?

Why does the feeling of true happiness subside for a Manifestor?   Perhaps it has to do with the common human belief that we are flawed or broken at our core – that the solution lies beyond us. The Victim’s response is to say “it’s not my fault.” The Manifestor’s response is to say “I have attracted this” – and the Manifestor’s solution is to think a new thought and attract something different.

However, at some point along the journey this cat and mouse game of thinking new thoughts to try to achieve a sustaining experience of happiness grows old. That’s when you become more aware of a larger presence in the world – let’s call it the Divine. This is when you begin to recognize the Divine as necessarily possessing greater awareness than our own and you begin the journey of surrender… sometimes by choice and many times by circumstance.

In these moments of surrender are when you can find an ease and peace that up to this point may have been completely elusive… and the door to the next stage in your journey begins to open.

As you move to the third level of consciousness (Conduit) you understand that letting go of all control – complete surrender to the Divine – opens a door to grace, joy and happiness that you can feel in your bones!  However, the pain of this paradox (letting go of the control you have worked hard to marshal) can stop you in your tracks and keep you stuck, preventing you from experiencing anything other than brief glimpses of the freedom that comes with complete surrender and allowing yourself to become a Conduit.

Fully embodying “Conduit Consciousness” is to open yourself to a transformation beyond words. What results is an experience of happiness that is pure bliss!  This is the experience I want for you.


~Ken W. Stone, “The Soul Archaeologist” is an Internationally Recognized Teacher and Healer. www.KenWStone.com

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6 responses to “Experiencing the Awakened You”

  1. Amy Nead says:

    Thank you, Ken, for explaining the “journey” so simply and so eloquently! I was not aware of the 3 levels of consciousness and this has answered so many questions for me. This could not have come at a better time – again, thank you!

  2. This is a FABULOUS article Ken! I’m printing out copies of it for my clients as it explains so clearly the process we have the opportunity to go through transcending from victim to pure connection to the Divine. Blessings!

  3. Aurelio says:

    Great article, Ken!… I love your perspective on how we need to contradict the things that have got us to this point!… 🙂

    • Ken Stone says:

      Thanks Aurelio! This awareness has made all the difference for me. I will be interested to hear how this changes your experience of the spiritual journey. Peace – Ken

  4. Since I write on science and spirtuality I enjoyed this little article; I also thought of a similar jpourney as one learns about science at the fundamental level. We are initially taught about atoms, molecules, cells etc., as individual things that are essentially of limited connectivity with their suroundings. There are connections, but not many. In simple science we are introduced to Newtonian science that does a good job of describing many interactions, but uses many simplifying assumptions.

    To move on to real living entity behaviour we have to let go of many initial assumptions about both the nature of atoms and all of the groupings towards actual life. The atoms are found to be both complex in nature and very weird; both quantum effects and probability theory must be taken into account. We also learn that cells communicate with each other, perhaps at infinite speeds, and that they adapt their DNA to suit their environment. Some particles move back and forth between particle behavour and wave behaviour and what state they will be in can depend on whether or not we are observing them.

    Although the quantum and probability nature of sub-atomic particles / waves was discovered in the 1930s, most scientists still hold on to the old viewpoints and models; they can go no further until they are willing to understand that the founding assumptions for simple physics and chemistry were approximations that do not always apply. You cannot really understand sub-atomic behaviour until you are willing to think and co-exist in a quantum / probabilistic reality with many new interactions both existent and important. Large systems of simple components self-assemble when the systems get big enough, as if they are reacting to a top-down organizational framework that supports development towards life.

    Our universe is not only weirder than we imagine; it is weirder than we can imagine (thanks for this quote Albert Einstein, who may never have accepted probability as being a foundation of all existence). Unless you let go of good approximations for a simpler level, you will not be able to make sense of a greater reality that is quite different indeed when you spread you wings and look at the whole.

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