Divine Synchronicity

Posted on: February 21st, 2013 by Christine

There is an invisible unseen presence all around you that is constantly conspiring for your highest good.  Sometimes it unfolds as a big “knock in the head” to wake you up to something you haven’t been able to see for yourself… yet. (Ouch!)  Other times, these events unfold with ease, grace and JOY!

To help you notice and appreciate the easy, graceful and joyous Divine Synchronicities, I’m going to share a few that happened to me this past week.  These types of things are occurring for you, too… let’s open your eyes even more to see them!!

This past weekend I hopped on a train to New York City to go to the Hay House Ignite Conference.  One of the reasons I went was to personally meet the CEO and President of Hay House, Reid Tracy… before I interview him again for the Transformational Author Experience this May.

First thing in the morning after I got my name badge, I went to say “hi” to Sandy Powell, the President of Hay House’s Balboa Press (one of my sponsors).  After chatting a bit I asked her if she had seen Reid yet.  She said, “no.”  Then, within 2 minutes, up walks Reid – and Sandy was able to officially introduce us.  We had a nice chat and I walked away looking up and saying, “thank you!”  The timing couldn’t have been better.

Then, the next day after hearing about 18 speakers, I was reflecting on the common theme of the conference… LOVE!  While there may have been 18 different voices, there was truly only one message.  Of course!  Because I had just worked with my spiritual healer before I left for NYC and it’s clear that my journey of self-love is taking a deep dive right now… in preparation for me to be even more of a presence of love in the world!

So, I’m walking home from lunch, smiling and giggling out loud thanking God for placing me at this conference where I could hear the message of love over and over again.  I got it!  The next thing I know I look down on the sidewalk and there is a big red satin HEART (the top of a Valentine candy box) right there where I was walking.  I cracked up even louder, looked up again and offered a more robust “thank you!”  The message of love was clearly on the sidewalk in New York!

This final story is about being on the other end of the synchronicity, and helping a miracle happen for someone else.  Another person I wanted to meet in NYC was Gabrielle Bernstein… I just adore her!  So, I bought her book, “May Cause Miracles”  and waited in the signing line to see her and say hello in person (we’d been emailing back and forth about something recently).

Christine and GabbyI show up at the front of line and she’s coughing a lot. She was recovering from a cold/flu and mustered her strength to come deliver a great talk!  I remembered tossing some cough drops in my bag before I got on the train.  So, before I even said hello, I asked her if she’d like a cough drop.  She lit up and thanked me a ton for offering her one… that she really needed it.  After we chatted a bit and I snapped this photo (she looks great for just getting over a cold!), I asked her if she wanted one more for safe keeping.  She gratefully said yes, and I walked away again with a smile on my face, looking up and saying “thank you.”  Thank you that I could create a little miracle in her life.

I could go on and on about more synchronicities that happened, but I think you ge the picture by now.

I invite you to look at the events of your own life this week, and increase your awareness of these little, yet powerful, miracles, gifts and blessings.  You can train your eyes and heart so see them all the time… no matter what’s going on around you!  My wish is that you live a miracle-filled life!


Please post a comment below and share a blessing/miracle that you’ve seen in your life recently…. I’d love to hear about it!




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  1. Muriel says:

    Thanks so much for this beautiful reminder message. You’ve made my day, and I thank you for showing up in my email box when I needed you. Blessings–

    • Christine says:

      You are so welcome my dear Muriel… I have found much Divine Synchronicity in my own inbox and simply love when my email creates that moment for someone else. Sending love…

  2. Janae Bower says:

    Hi Christine,
    I love your article and appreciate all the divine synchronicities in my life. Like the one I just experienced reading your article. Your line about getting hit on the head is the perfect quote to use for one of my reflections in my book Love Affair with God. 🙂

  3. Fleur says:

    I just wanted to share that I had a nasty fall yesterday that left me very shook up . I couldn’t eat anything. I took an essence that certainly cleared throu the shock from my body. That night I placed 2 of my crystal skulls on my hand and arm. I was amazed how well I slept. I dreamt of a man who I believe to be my chiropractor’s father came and worked on me. I have woken feeling so much better, and virtually no pain. I feel that the fall was to enable me to be aware of the support and love that is there for me when ever I need it.!! Love and blessings Fleur

  4. Deborah Hall says:

    I get so many messages these days that I feel I’m doing the happy dance inside all day long! Thank you Christine for your article. Aren’t synchronicities the most wonderful gift?! Let me share one with you.

    The death of my sister has ultimately been the factor that has led me down the path that I’m currently on. It was a message that I received loud and clear. Her presence has been with me for the past four years now as I have been building my business. And, as we all struggle with moments of insecurity, of inadequacy, of that feeling of “why of all the people on this planet did God pick me to do this work?”…it has been in those moments that I receive these synchronicity messages. I call them “God Winks.”

    So during the most recent attack of one of these moments I felt my sister was trying to send a message to me. The first sign was a book called “Sisters” that I had given her years ago, and which I discovered again upon cleaning up a room in my home. My antenna shot up. The next day as I’m working on a crossword and am stuck on a word…the word was “steam” but I had _ _ P A M written down. Well, Pam just literally jumped off the page at me! What was she trying to tell me?

    I carried on with my day and a little while later as I’m researching youtube for some inspiration, I received my “God Wink”. Near the end of one of the videos I was looking at for inclusion into my work, a line came up “Keep Your Eyes on The Prize. Hold On.” It was then I knew what the message was!

    Oh, but it gets better. I am at lunch the next day with a girlfriend and I tell her my story. She emails me the day after to tell me to check out a video of a band that she had seen the night before at a local pub. The song they played? “Keep Your Eyes on The Prize. Hold On.”

    That very same day, I’m driving down the road and a song comes on the radio I hadn’t heard in years. It was Sarah McLaughlin’s “I Will Remember You”, a song we had played at my sister’s funeral. At this point, I threw my hands in the air and said “Okay, I get the message.”

    A little later that same day, youtube sends me a weekly recap with suggestions of things that perhaps I might be interested in. And, you guessed it….one of the things they suggested – “Keep Your Eyes on The Prize. Hold On.”

    Not only is my sister’s presence close by, she has a sense of humour too! And, so here I am today. Still plugging away at trying to help heal the people of this world. With joy. One person at a time.

    • Christine says:

      OMG Deborah! What an incredible synchronistic experience you’ve had. May the message keep flowing with easy, grace and… humor!

  5. Hemat Malak says:

    Hi Christine!
    Thank you for this beautiful article. I’d love to share one of the many daily blessings I receive…
    For a little while now I’ve been practicing surrendering to the Divine (I’m a recovering control freak!).
    A couple of days ago I was very excited to publish my first book to Amazon and I was asking God and my angels what to do from here. Yesterday a friend asked me if I received a message she had sent to me via my website. Well, I hadn’t and that led me to discover that my contact form wasn’t working properly and may have been that way for a very long time (I was so unhappy to think of people making contact and being ignored). I worked on the issue today and focused on letting go every time I hit a brick wall (which is so different from how I used to do techie things!). You know, it took me over 9 months to create my website – I can’t tell you how much frustration I felt as I tried my best to FORCE results. But today, it flowed (with some meandering) and the problem is solved with something better than I had, in perfect timing for new visitors that may come from seeing the book. My friend turned up at the right time, and so did the solution.
    I am so grateful for the assistance I receive – and all I have to do is just let go and trust, and Divine guidance ALWAYS responds to lead me.
    Thank you again Christine for spreading this Light – so many blessings to you!

  6. Janey says:

    Yes I agree there are so many amazing little and big synchronicities there for the trained eye, ear and even smell senses. One big one for me at present is a rose blooming for the first time in 8 years of living here and I feel fully present to my life.

    • Christine says:

      I love that you have a rose blooming after 8 years… woo hoo! A few years ago during the darkest night of my soul, in the freezing cold, darkness of my cement garage a bright yellow Gerber Daisy bloomed for months from December to February… exactly the 3 months that have been the most challenge of my life. God is so good, and its’ awesome what that energy shows up in nature’s beauty.

  7. Cali says:

    OH what a week Christine. I just came off another AMAZING experience at the San Francisco Writers Conference where I was able to pitch to agents and get some really valuable feedback for my next book. I love this conference, always seem to meet kindred spirits there.

    I then had a fabulous phone call on Wednesday about possibly participating in a Bestsellers Mastermind group so that I can take my books to the next level and build a sustainable business and fulfilling career.

    Then yesterday (Thursday) I had the second photo shoot for my next book. This one took place at the beach and nearby park. The pics turned out AMAZING and perfect for my trailer. Today I had a wonderful massage, rode my bike downtown to visit a friend and then back to work on looking to hire a professional cover designer for this next book.

    The ONE moment however, barely a second really that meant the world to me has to do with love. It has to do with this one beautiful soul that came into my life last year to really teach me to love myself and to grow. We have been having a bit of a rough patch the last few months and it’s been really difficult. Yesterday however as I was coming back from the photo shoot, I opened the door and our eyes met. His face just lit up and this smile came across it. No words were exchanged, but that brief moment truly touched my heart. I feel so very blessed to have this beautiful soul in my life.

  8. christina vititoe says:

    my woundreful grandson
    mom had a lot of trubole haveing him and he was little tine when he was born but not now 7 mones latter he just makes me smile and rember what love and micrels are .thank you christina

    • Christine says:

      Yes, Christina the world is certainly full of love and miracles. It’s wonderful to hear your 7 month grandson reminds you of these.

  9. Ben Andriessen says:

    Hi Christine, lovely story. Thanks for sharing. Since everything “is happening” in the NOW, synchronicity is fact and continuous. The connection is relationship and all relationship is between creator and creation. We actually create synchronicity and are, mostly, unaware of it. Your call for attention to it is VERY synchonistic. Bless you..

  10. Gwyneth says:

    Greetings Christine.
    How are you today?
    After some time spent reading and reflecting on Sacred Scriptures and other Spiritual writings, I listened to Module 3 Part 2 of GYBD. It opened up my thinking. I thought that I was just writing a book. It was an exciting module.
    I used a shape that was in front of me, not the suggested shape, to complete the exercise. I realised that I had already been guided to design the elements that I had described in my shape and now they were beginning to fit together like a puzzle. I wondered: Is this what happens when you surrender? I started visualizing the service that I would offer.
    Within less than two hours, I received invititation to attend a course with the same structure that I had visualized. This presented possibilities that I had not considered. I got even more excited as ideas began to flow.
    A few minutes later, a vehicle entered the highway in front of my car. On the back of the vehicle was a huge shape – the same shape that I had used to complete the exercise in Module 3, Part 2 of GYBD – with a particular area BLANK, almost begging me to write on it, claim and show what my spirit had confirmed was my core signature programme. The vehicle took the same exit off the highway that I did. I took this as yet another confirmation that I am on the right path.
    I spent some time in quiet in His presence giving thanks.
    And when I went on-line, there was your article!

  11. Thanks Christine for the wonderful reminder to keep your eyes wide open, have an attitude of expectancy, and a heart of gratitude.

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