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A Daily Dose of Love:

Everyday Inspirations to Help You Remember

What Your Heart Already Knows


My heart and soul are grateful for every word in this delightful book.


Christine’s ‘Daily Doses of Love’ help me to keep going on those days when I feel like giving up.


This is a daily Spiritual Guide for renewal, remembering and awakening to what your Soul knows.


Christine’s book of every day inspiration brings you back to the knowing of your heart – where true power lies.


A Daily Dose of Love offers just what you need to center into the truth of the day, of life.


It’s incredible how each ‘daily dose of love’ is precisely related to what I am experiencing the moment I read them.  Well done!


I enthusiastically recommend ‘A Daily Dose of Love’ to anyone who wants to live a happy, heart-centered and empowered life!


This book contains wonderful thoughts that warms you up. Reminds you of who you truly are, that is so easily forgotten in our every day life. Give yourself at gift and buy this book.


Christine writes as would a true friend going through the same process without arrogance, or judgment, or attitude of “let me teach you”. She writes straight from her heart and soul.


Everyone needs to start their day with these messages of love and connection. When we can imagine a world where we are all touched so deeply and listen to our hearts, then peace will reign.


Christine’s intuitive and effective guidance will help you through the worst days and help you make the best days even better.


Christine’s inspirational book helped me deepen my understanding of my inner process, what my heart wants, how to feel safe and loved in this world.


Christine is here to remind us of the truths that keep us moving forward, in faith, following the purpose for which we were designed.


Christine shares her uplifting messages in this book, reminding readers of what they have to be grateful for, reminding them of the strength and talent within them, and bringing a widespread sense of peace to all. Making her messages a part of your daily routine is guaranteed to make your day and brighten your mood!


Christine is a soulful and spirited leader in our world who gifted me with grace as I read each page!


This book is truly inspirational. It often feels like Christine has written it especially for me since it is so connected to my everyday life!


Only someone who has lived these truths could deliver such wise and timely content. Thank you and a BIG congratulations for shifting views and lives worldwide!


Christine’s book helps you remember who you really are and have always been, but have forgotten. Thank you Christine for guiding us past the fear and into the Love.


Christine’s words speak directly to my heart, at the precise moment I have needed them.


Christine reaches the heart and soul of those who are hunger for inspiration and guidance.

She is helping us to build a better world by reminding us to remember what our heart already knows.


Christine’s “A Daily Dose of Love” is one of those little gems you can reach for when you need gentle reminder, a boost of spirit, a resource to calm your mind or a sweet re-connection with your soul’s wisdom..


Combining age-old wisdom with everyday common sense and adding a generous ‘sprinkle’ of thought provoking ‘aha’ moments, Christine has created a book that you will want to pick up every morning and read a passage before beginning your day.


Christine’s book speaks directly to you, with the loving, gentle, supportive voice of a mother, sister, and friend.


The “nudges” in Christine’s book immediately calm me and keep me grounded in a heart-felt way. I appreciate the simple yet eloquent way she delivers these powerful “soul messages.”


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