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“I’ve not only recreated my SELF, I’ve defined my message and transformed my business.”

“Christine is true to her word! Her Transformational Author Experience exceeded my expectations by offering a “real experience” in additional to personally providing solid information from some of the most amazing speakers and book experts of our time! I had always wanted to write a book and I never knew how or what it would take. Within 24 hours of learning about TAE, I was motivated to become an author… and within 30 days, I conceived my book and was able to write the first chapter! Transforming my message into print was only the first stage of big change! Through the Platinum group coaching sessions, Christine’s genuine warmth and sincerity could be felt through the phone and provided all the trust I needed to continue in my transformation.  I got the practical advice necessary to make it possible to totally change the way I understand my business! I am now positioned for prosperity and success! I have not only recreated my SELF, I’ve defined my message and transformed my business! Now, I can’t wait to finish my book and change the WORLD!”

Kim ValeriTransformational Leader and Founder of YogaSpirit Studios



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