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“Since doing Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program and becoming an author, I’ve been featured on Fox & Friends, ABC News Now, Animal Planet and more.”

“I knew for years I wanted to write a book, but I wasn’t sure what steps to take to accomplish that. So, I was relieved when I discovered Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program. Finally, I found someone who practically held me by the hand and showed me the step-by-step process for getting my book written and published in a way that would help me grow my business.

Now, that I’m published, I’ve gained credibility in my business as The Dog Expert. It’s provided me the opportunity to be featured in media outlets like Fox & Friends, ABC NEWS NOW, Animal Planet and now as a columnist for FIDO FRIENDLY magazine. It’s incredible to experience the difference being published has made.”


Sheryl MatthysAuthor of Leashes and Lovers



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