Coming from the Heart in Business

Posted on: April 5th, 2013 by Christine

By Christine Kloser

Earlier this week I was inspired to write this article from a question that came in on my recent “A Daily Dose of Love” reader appreciate call.  The question was asked by someone who had seen some businesses be successful by coming from the heart.  This caller explained that he was more of a “head” type than a “heart” type and asked for clarity on what coming from the heart in business means; and, how to develop a sense of heart.

The answer that unfolded felt too important to be contained to that group of readers on the call… so here’s what came through me to say to him, I hope it helps you too.

First, coming from the heart is not a business strategy.  This is, by far, the most important concept to understand if you truly want to have a heart-based business.  Coming from the heart is a way of BEING in your entire life – that spills out to your business.

You cannot fake heart-centeredness; you cannot try to make it look like you are heart-centered when you aren’t.  We’ve all seen this done and quite honestly, it makes my skin crawl – it feels gross.  Your whole body KNOWS the person talking about heart-centered business isn’t really LIVING it… and you cringe, and go on searching for examples of true authentic heart-centeredness.

A heart-centered business cannot be falsely fabricated from a non-heart centered life!

So the question that stands is how can you OPEN your HEART to ALL that life has to offer so your business becomes simply another magnificent expression of your heart – and the love that resides within you.

If you’re reading this with awareness that you do live from your heart, fabulous.  And if you’re reading this not sure if you are, or at least aware you want to experience MORE love and heart-centeredness in your life… here’s one place to start immediately.

As you go about your day, pay extra attention to the small moments that bring a sense of openness and love to your heart.  I say the small moments because today alone will bring you tons of them if your eyes are opened!  (Rather than those big huge “a-ha” moments that aren’t quite as frequent.)

To help you get started, here’s a short list of some of the things I  notice that expand my heart:  witnessing the beauty in my blooming orchids, hearing my daughter laugh or my cat purr, noticing the stunning sparkling stars, falling asleep in my husband’s arms, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, witnessing a client’s success, etc.

Albert Einstein said it best…

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Someone whose heart has not yet blossomed doesn’t notice the miracle of the stars, orchid, purr, laugh, warmth, etc.  Whereas the person who is truly coming from their heart cannot help but be AWESTRUCK by the stars, laughter, etc.

Every day have countless opportunities to be in that state of awe at the very simplest things.  You can even practice radical gratitude the next time you take a sip of cold water or feel the shower pouring upon your skin… these can be profoundly simple, yet heart-opening moments.

When you live your life looking for – and expanding – these heart filling moments, you will NATURALLY begin to live your life more from your heart.  And, the experience of “coming from your heart in business” will be INEVITABLE!


I’d love to hear your thoughts about what I share here.  Do you think I’m nuts?  Or do you agree that a heart-centered LIFE is key to a successful heart-based business?

I look forward to reading your comments below.



8 responses to “Coming from the Heart in Business”

  1. Francesca says:

    Hi Christine,

    This is a beautiful post. Being a heart centered person myself I know and feel what you’re speaking of. Life just looks different. It sparkles, like the air sparkles with crystal clarity after a rain storm. You live more in bliss. Even when there are troubles we can feel gratitude for the lessons they bring us.

    A roaring fire, my pup, my sons, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the San Francisco Bay, a rose garden, and images of Avalon, all do it for me.

    My blog, upcoming book, and real estate practice are designed to help single woman achieve successful home ownership. It’s my passion and lights me up every day to get my message out to women to secure their nests and live in bounty and bliss.

    Thanks for reminding me “why” I do this each day.

    EnJOY and blessings,


  2. Lisa Long says:

    Christine, you just flow heart love thru this article. You are the real deal. Thank you for being in my life thru your “Get Your Book Done Program” and Transformational Authors.

  3. Ms. Kloster, you said a business needs a heart as well as a head. A human being does, too, especially a heart. Having recently been in a car accident, I can attest to the heart of firefighters, good sumaritans, medical technologists, nurses, and doctors. I pulled through that ordeal by listening to the heart of all these “caregivers.” From it I grew a better understanding of how the unsung heroes in our society make America the great place it is.

    Naturally, I cannot forget my friends who called after the accident and expressed their willingness to help with advice and concern. They not only had a heart, but also a head for how I could gradually heal.

    Finally, I cannot forget the angel on my shoulder who made it possible for me to replace my head with heart and listen more than ever to the trials and successes of the unsung heroes. As one of the firefighters replied after asking what he found the most rewarding in his occupation, this Brian said the helping of people.

  4. Paulina says:

    I love this article. Awakening to the beauty of the small things, that make a big differance in life, is the way to live heartfuly. Eventualy what are known as miracles become common daily ocurances, and life takes on a magical quality.

    Often I think of the words from an old Louis Armstrong song….and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

    When living from the heart life is beautiful no matter wheather what is happening is good or not. There is magic in appreciating and loving life.

  5. Steph says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Beth says:

    I loved your article-how true. I grew up in Leola area-now in Canada. York not far away. Thanks

  7. Christine, this is beautiful. So eloquent and moving. I have a heart-centered business and have recently been making some changes to what I offer so that it is more aligned with what I truly love doing and feel I am here to do. But this post has reminded me to extend that to all aspects of my day – thank you : ) Plus that Albert Einstein quote says it all. There is so much magic and joy around us if we only take time to notice it, and the heart is such a great channel for allowing all of that to flow in – the heart just knows, whilst the head is still figuring it out! Great post.

  8. Christine says:

    Thank you so much for all of your kind words about this article. I’m grateful to hear it resonated! It’s good to know we do not travel this heart-centered road alone and there are more and more of us who are opening our eyes, seeing the miracles and bringing our hearts into all that we do. I love you!

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