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Client Success Story — Pammy Godoy

Posted on: March 28th, 2015 by Dan Saia

“Thanks to Christine, I launched my book on my birthday!” “I’d been living with so many “what ifs” and “should haves.” Then an idea began to take root. What if instead of berating myself endlessly, why not “pay it forward” and pass on what I learned from my mistakes so that others need not go… Read more »

Fast-Track Your Transformation

Posted on: March 24th, 2015 by Dan Saia

We are living in the most exciting times in human history I believe. Times in which we see the world and all living beings going through massive change and growth. While some of it is less than ideal (heck, just read the front page of the news), there is also a tremendous amount of good… Read more »

Client Success Story – Philip Tomlinson

Posted on: March 11th, 2015 by Dan Saia

“After participating in Christine’s Transformational Author Experience, I gained confidence, courage and competence to write and publish my book.”  ~Philip Tomlinson “A man in India once told me, ‘You need to write a book about the need for God.’ The thought wouldn’t go away. After doing some writing, I realized how little I knew about… Read more »

Trusting the Process

Posted on: March 9th, 2015 by Dan Saia

A few e-zines ago, I wrote an article about trusting in yourself; about how we all have self-doubts. And, part of this human experience is to work through our doubts and fears… and trust in who we are and that our life’s journey is exactly right for us. But, what about the “outside forces” that… Read more »