One of my favorite sayings is… the Universe is always conspiring for your highest good. Life itself is always evolving and growing. In fact, you’ve likely heard that if we’re not growing, we’re dying.

This week I’ve been experiencing growth in a few rather uncomfortable ways. It seems the Universe is absolutely conspiring for me to make my next evolutionary “jump.” Maybe you can relate…

Sometimes growth happens in ways that are ecstatic, joyous, beautiful and exhilarating. And, sometimes it happens in ways that are challenging, bumpy, triggering and uncomfortable.

This week I had a few phone calls that lead to a place of extreme discomfort. I was confronted big time – yet in a powerful amazing way that I know is leading me through my next growth edge. Here are a few things I learned from the experience that I want to share with you…

1) Trust
When the Universe brings you a person or situation that pushes your buttons and makes you uncomfortable, it’s essential to trust that you are ready for that conversation or situation. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be having it, and the Universe wouldn’t conspire in the many ways it has for you to be right where you are. Trust that it’s all happening for a reason.

2) Be Open
Once you’re in a trusting place – and realize that the situation is in support of your highest good – next it’s important to remain open to what’s showing up. If you fight it, push against it and close yourself off from the invitation in front of you, you’ll miss out on the growth that’s awaiting you. Remain open to everything that’s showing up and be amazed at what you might discover.

3) Assess
Once you’ve trusted and opened yourself to receive the gifts from the person and/or situation, next it’s time to sit quietly on your own and assess all that’s presented itself to you. Review how you’re being asked to grow and evolve. Does it feel right to you – even though it may feel scary? Do you know you need to take that step in order to BE more of who you were born to BE? Are you willing to commit to stretching your comfort zone and do what you’re being asked to do? The answers to these questions can only come from within you – when you are quiet, centered and in that trusting, open space.

4) Get Support
Finally, once you’ve made your assessment and are ready to embrace this next phase of growth, it’s best not to be a lone ranger. Change and transformation may be the most natural impulse in the Universe, yet not always easy. The more support you receive as you grow and pursue your next level of evolution, the more likely you are to navigate your growth phase with ease and grace… and end up exactly where you want to be!


I’d love to hear your thoughts about this article. Are you experiencing a growth edge right now? Are you taking a bold step in a new direction? What’s happening? Please comment below. Thank you!


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