Accessing your authentic message and writing your transformational book is one of the most powerful things you will ever do for yourself, your readers, your business and ultimately – the world!

You feel the call in your heart. You have a message to share. You’ve been on an incredible journey and know you can help others break through the same things you have. You’re ready to release whatever’s been holding you back (fear, doubt, confusion, procrastination, etc.) and finally birth your most powerful and authentic message on the pages of a book.

You sense NOW is the time to take this step to unveil your “next chapter” and get your book out of your head/heart and onto the page.

If only you had a trusted guide who appreciates and celebrates YOUR unique soul’s journey. Someone who knows when to give you space and when to hold your feet to the fire; understands the ins and outs of transformational authorship; and can show you step-by-step how to access your true, authentic message, overcome fears, put words on the page and become a published author.

Ask and you shall receive. I am that guide.

We might be the perfect match for each other if:

  • you’re done hiding who you really are, or doing what you think you “should” – and you want to let the true YOU shine
  • you’ve felt your book brewing inside of you for months (or years) and you want to bring it to life now
  • you’d love to have a passionate, down-to-earth, experienced coach on your side to guide you through the ups and downs of writing
  • you know that writing a book can change everything in your life and business… and you’re excited to “go for it” (and maybe a little scared, too… that’s OK!)
  • you trust that everything happens for a reason and you feel in your gut reading this right now is not merely a coincidence.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Christine Kloser, Spiritual Guide, Award-Winning Author, and Transformational Book Coach. I started working with authors because I saw a need and wanted to help. I continually spoke with aspiring authors who dreamed of sharing their true message and powerful stories on the pages of a book… but never actually did; because they didn’t know how to get started, or what it really took to write a great book.

I had the same frustration before my first book came out in 2005. I know what it’s like to feel that message burning inside – and not have the guidance or help necessary to see it published.

Now, after writing three award-winning books (two of which were best-sellers), training more than 25,000 authors and personally guiding several hundred of them to become published, I’ve seen first-hand the transformations that happens for someone through the process of writing a book. It’s feels like a miracle every time I witness a client stepping into their greatness, sharing their authentic gifts, creating new programs and services, and impacting more lives as a published author.

I often hear the clarity, confidence and courage that writing a book brings is unmatched by any other experience or training. It’s a game-changer on every imaginable level.

Having grown up scared to share my thoughts or feelings (being called on in the classroom was one of my biggest fears)… I yearn to live in a world where people feel safe to be who they really are; where everyone’s voice matters; where LOVE prevails; and we all experience life as the blessed and miraculous gift it is. I believe that transformational books and the positive messages they contain are helping to make this vision a reality.

I love to work with people who:

  • see the miracles in life and count their blessings everyday
  • believe in the power of a dream and won’t ever give up on theirs
  • feel they have a role to play at this important time in global history
  • can be moved to tears listening to a beautiful song
  • love to laugh and dance
  • feel called to make difference in the world

Where to go from here.

  • Discover what 20,000+ authors from around the world have learned about book writing, publishing and marketing from my Transformational Author Experience. Get a FREE sneak peek here.
  • Take the first step to writing your own book with a FREE preview of my award-winning Get Your Book Done® program here.
  • Check out my award-winning books here.
  • Or… take a look below at my 3 most popular offerings.

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“Thank you, Christine, for helping me Get My Book Done!” “I had reached a point where I needed to start all over with my manuscript and was finding the task completely daunting. You swooped me up just when I needed expert guidance and plopped me into the perfect environment to complete my task! Your Get Your Book Done program re-motivated me. Your help was so inspiring there was simply no stopping me. You showed me how to have an organized approach to the task and how to stay motivated for my entire book-writing journey. Thanks to you, my book 5 Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl is a beautiful reality, and it’s touching the lives of countless college women! The feedback I’ve received is beyond gratifying! Getting My Book Done has been a transformational experience! I am so grateful to you!”
Lauren SalamoneAuthor of 5 Must-Know Secrets for Today's College Girl
“One week later my eBook was #4 in the UK on Amazon Kindle for my genre.” “I had all the ingredients of a successful business – except the belief that it was going to work. I had a coach’s qualification, studied marketing and picked a niche – musicians who struggle to grow their fan base. I had written a course on growing and keeping a fan base, and got great feedback on it.   Then I found out about Christine’s Transformational Author Experience! I didn’t know anything about publishing but I listened to one of her classes and realized I could be an author.  So, I pulled together my course content and some new material to create The Fan Formula.  I published it as an eBook and a week later it was #4 in the UK Amazon Kindle Music Business chart.  Publishing a book gave me the confidence to open the conversation and build a great business. I’m on track for success.  Thank you, Christine!”
Eliza MichaelsAuthor of The Fan Fomula
“I’ve not only recreated my SELF, I’ve defined my message and transformed my business.” “Christine is true to her word! Her Transformational Author Experience exceeded my expectations by offering a “real experience” in additional to personally providing solid information from some of the most amazing speakers and book experts of our time! I had always wanted to write a book and I never knew how or what it would take. Within 24 hours of learning about TAE, I was motivated to become an author… and within 30 days, I conceived my book and was able to write the first chapter! Transforming my message into print was only the first stage of big change! Through the Platinum group coaching sessions, Christine’s genuine warmth and sincerity could be felt through the phone and provided all the trust I needed to continue in my transformation.  I got the practical advice necessary to make it possible to totally change the way I understand my business! I am now positioned for prosperity and success! I have not only recreated my SELF, I’ve defined my message and transformed my business! Now, I can’t wait to finish my book and change the WORLD!”
Kim ValeriTransformational Leader and Founder of YogaSpirit Studios
“Christine not only helped me get my book written and published quickly, but also empowered me to step up in a big way in my business. “Before I worked with Christine Kloser, I considered writing a book, but felt overwhelmed by the process and fearful of really putting my voice out in the world.  Christine’s program helped me not only get my book written and published quickly, but it also empowered me to step up in a big way in my business. Doing the Get Your Book Done® program catapulted my career and reputation to the next level. In the two short years since my book was published, my annual income has multiplied and my email list has more than quadrupled to 10,000 names, and I am now respected as the leader in my industry. Christine’s work has allowed me to make an impact on people around the globe, but best of all it’s completely transformed who I see myself to be in the world.  Thank you, Christine!”
Dallas TraversAuthor of The Tao of Show Business
“Christine’s up to great things in the world and if you have the chance to work with her, I highly recommend you do.” “As a best-selling author of many books, I’ve been blessed to do hundreds of interviews. The interview I did for Christine’s Transformational Author Experience was one that stands out for me.  She knew exactly the right questions to ask to bring out the best in me and what I wanted to share with the audience of thousands of aspiring authors.  Christine’s up to great things in the world and if you have the chance to work with her, I highly recommend you do.”
Gay Hendricks, Ph.DAuthor of The Big Leap and Five Wishes
“Coaching with Christine has transformed my business and my life.” “Coaching with Christine has transformed my business and my life!  Before, I struggled to create an effective funnel for new prospects. Now each time I do a radio interview or participate in a tele-summit, qualified people come through a personalized system that consistently results in new clients.  I was struggling to make $600 a week; recently I celebrated a $6,400 week.   Now, rather than shrugging away the impact of the work I do, I stand completely in my light and own the power of my spiritual gifts.  Christine has become an invaluable resource and a powerful agent of transformation in my business and my life.”
Ken W. Stone“The Soul Archaeologist” and Internationally Recognized Teacher and Healer
“Christine’s Get Your Book Done program helped my publishing dreams come true… and made it EASY!” “Deciding to do Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. In the 60 days after completing my book, I got three new long-term clients who will generate in excess of $100,000 in revenues! Plus, I’ve leveraged my position as a published author to become a highly sought after media expert who has been featured on CNBC, CBS, Oprah and Friends, CNN, ABC, Time, Business Week, New York Times and many more. Not too shabby for a first time author! Christine’s program helped my dreams come true… and made it EASY!”
Bill Losey, CFP®America’s Retirement Strategist® and Author of Retire in a Weekend
“You’ll be in great hands when you choose Christine to help you with your book.” “Christine Kloser is on a mission to influence lives by helping authors write, publish, and promote their transformational books.   Discover Christine’s programs and learn from the best of the best on how to succeed as an author.   I’m grateful Christine invited me to join her Transformational Author Experience… she is crisp, clear, focused, generous, and fun!  You’ll be in great hands when you choose Christine to help you with your book.”
Dan PoynterSpeaker, Publisher and Author of the Self-Publishing Manual
“Thanks to Christine’s Transformational Author Experience I’ve Embraced My Role As A Transformational Author With Confidence!” “Having been highly disappointed with a seemingly comparable author support program – and spammed subsequently daily with hundreds of emails selling ever more items – I very nearly did not enroll in Christine’s course. Thank goodness something about her winning smile told me the Transformational Author Experience would be different. Christine truly is a literary angel – heart and soul serving and delivering! Passionate, personable, and compassionate, her Platinum program surpassed my every expectation, providing cutting edge information with the industry’s top performers – writers, publishers, and promoters – and first class inspiration and encouragement. Not only have I embraced my role as a (soon to be published) Transformational Author with confidence, I have an amazing new extended Transformational family from the journey, and am forever indebted to Christine for my own transformation.”
Marlaine Paulsen CoverSocial Entrepreneur, and Creator of the Life Skills Report Card
“The knowledge, tools and skills I acquired from Christine and her Transformational Author Experience opened doors to the media, speaking engagements, glowing endorsements, and new fans!” “Entering Gulliver’s Quality Books for my book signing, I remembered what Christine Kloser said in one of her course calls – to speak to the audience like you are speaking directly to one person’s heart. Her advice transcended all nerves and doubt and really worked. That book signing and the valuable knowledge, tools, and skills I acquired from Christine’s Transformational Author Experience opened many doors for me and my work:  media attention, speaking engagements, a commitment to a library review for my next book, glowing endorsements and new fans and supporters for my book! All these things became possible with Christine’s coaching and the incredible support I received from her and the community of transformational authors she created.   Everything began to change and blossom for me as I became a part of her Transformational Author Experience.  The blessings just keep on coming…thank you Christine!”
Marjorie A. Meister (Moonfire)Author, Artist, Speaker
“Christine truly IS the Transformation Catalyst.” “Being a member of Christine’s Transformational Author MasterHeart and attending her Transformational Author Retreat have been Life changing with a capital L. On a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, I did not leave the same as I began.  There are no words to fully express my gratitude to Christine for her ability to listen to and honor Divine Guidance, she truly IS the Transformation Catalyst, and she transforms the world with her retreats and programs – one person at a time!  I know because this is what she did for me.  If you have the chance to work with Christine in any of her programs, I highly recommend you do!”
Simran Sofia LoveThe Holistic Raw Food Coach™
“Since doing Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program and becoming an author, I’ve been featured on Fox & Friends, ABC News Now, Animal Planet and more.” “I knew for years I wanted to write a book, but I wasn’t sure what steps to take to accomplish that. So, I was relieved when I discovered Christine’s Get Your Book Done® program. Finally, I found someone who practically held me by the hand and showed me the step-by-step process for getting my book written and published in a way that would help me grow my business. Now, that I’m published, I’ve gained credibility in my business as The Dog Expert. It’s provided me the opportunity to be featured in media outlets like Fox & Friends, ABC NEWS NOW, Animal Planet and now as a columnist for FIDO FRIENDLY magazine. It’s incredible to experience the difference being published has made.”  
Sheryl MatthysAuthor of Leashes and Lovers
“Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience® lit a fire under me to write my book… a year later, it’s in my hands!” Christine’s Transformational Author Experience® showed up at just the right time and introduced me to a world of transformational authors who lit a fire under me to write a book about what I saw happening in our world. A year later – as I hold it in my hands – I can’t believe the journey I’ve been on. I sincerely hope this book transforms the lives of others, but writing it has already transformed mine.  Thank you for your help, Christine.”
Debbie LaChusaAuthor of Breaking the Spell
“Christine is leading a movement for transformational authors to get their message out to the world.” “If you want to write a book that has the power to transform you, your readers, your business, and the world – I highly recommend you work with Christine Kloser.  She’s coached thousands of visionaries around the world to write, publish and market their books and I know she can help you, too.  Christine is leading a movement for transformational leaders to get their message out to the world – at a time when they’re needed more then ever.  You owe it to yourself to join her.”
John AssarafNew York Times Bestselling Author of "The Answer" and "Having It All" and featured Teacher in ‘The Secret”
“After coaching with Christine I’m motivated and inspired to get back in the game and take action.” “Thank goodness for my Breakthrough Session with Christine! My marketing momentum had practically ground to a halt. There is so much great information out there about the “how to market your book,” but I found myself frustrated and confused about what would work best in my situation. After speaking with Christine, I am motivated and inspired to get back in the game and take action. She shared some wonderful resources with me and helped me find the clarity I was looking for. I am so grateful and excited to have a plan! Thank you Christine, for your sincere, authentic, and generous help.”
M. Marcy JonesAuthor of Graceful Divorce Solutions
“It’s Less Than One Year Later and I Have Two Books Published!” “In 2011 I went to a career coach to bring focus into my beautiful life and she suggested that I put my energy into writing. She also said if I wanted the best, I should find Christine Kloser as a coach. I came home that day and opened my email and there was an email from none other than Christine Kloser inviting folks to sign up for the Transformational Author Experience. I did. It is now April 2012 (less than one year later) and I have TWO books published: Living With Spirit Energy, and The Sacred Art of Dog Walking: Making the Ordinary Extraordinary. I am also a contributing author to Christine’s anthology: Pebbles in The Pond, Transforming the World One Person at a Time. It has been an awesome ride and the best is getting better! Many thanks to Spirit for aligning the experts to have them show up just when I needed them.  And thanks to Christine for making it all possible.”
Ann WhiteAuthor of Living with Spirit Energy and The Sacred Art of Dog Walking



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